Embrace Your New Body Shape With These Style Ideas

Embrace Your New Body Shape With These Style Ideas


When you’ve been working hard on a diet and exercise plan, you can really see the results. Or maybe you’ve had a baby and you’re getting used to your new body shape. None of your old clothes fit very well anymore. And you’re probably ready to shop for a brand new style to celebrate the brand new you. So where do you start? And how can you replace your entire wardrobe in one go?

First you need to get to grips with your new shape. After a baby, your hips will be a little wider, and you may have a little mummy tummy to celebrate your new arrival. You may also be a little bigger in the chest than you were before your pregnancy. And for all of you celebrating some weight loss, you may find the opposite is true. But we are all unique. Our body shapes should be celebrated whatever we end up with. It’s time to become familiar with yours.


You can use an online body shape calculator at to get to grips with your beautiful new shape. Or you could head straight out to a good department store and use their fitting service. This will help you work out the best size to suit your figure. You can also gain advice from a personal shopper service about the best cuts to suit your new body shape. Better still, you can find discounts on all your fashion needs by using to find vouchers for all your favourite stores like Debenhams.

Good fitting underwear prevents all those lumps and bumps from showing under your clothing. If the width is too narrow, you could suffer embarrassing spillovers. The cup size should also be ample enough to avoid unsightly bulging beneath your decolletage. Don’t be put off by numbers. Embrace your fabulous figure, and dress for what you have rather than be constrained by what you had.

Skirts come in several different shapes and cuts. Pick the one that suits your figure best. A-lines are very popular if your hips are wider. They give the illusion of a narrow hip and waist because they flare out at the bottom. Figure hugging skirts look gorgeous if you have a small waist and curvy hips. Pencil skirts look great if you want to accent your top half more. You can try some fashion apps to see what might suit you. There are a few to choose from.

Use a ruffled or detailed top if your chest is small. If you have a lot of cleavage, you might prefer a square cut across the top of it. For large chests, it’s important to get a supporting bra that will flatter your shape under your top. If your shape is more apple than hourglass, choose tops that give the appearance of broader shoulders. A flare out at the bottom, over the hips can be quite flattering.

Through our lives, it is common for the female body shape to alter dramatically. Buying fresh fashion every year helps us to keep on top of where we are. Don’t worry about the changes. Use fashion to create the look you love.

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