Easy Ways To Make Your Home Seem More Rustic

rustic home

Making your home seem more rustic is perfectly possible, even in a recently built home. There are many reasons as to why you why want to do this. One is that a rustic home often has character. You might be trying to sell the home, and appeal to certain buyers. Some people simply prefer the beauty of homely decors over minimalist modernism. No matter your reason, to do this you might choose to enact change.


The tips that will get you there are as follows:


Change The Little Things


A home is not compiled of one simply decoration. It’s a compilation of all the small choices you make in storage, decoration and room arrangement. That means that a house aesthetic is often defined by the little things. To make your home more rustic, start in these little areas. This could mean purchasing homely decorations or handcrafted goods to line the mantle pieces and walls of your property. It might mean installing one of the timber aesthetic  roller doors to help even the modern fixtures of your home seem aesthetically harmonious with the rest of your home.


Of course, there’s no reason as to why modern technology or implements should detract from your rustic aesthetic, but they need to be in the minority on average. This way they act as beautiful features, and not implements that dictate the mood of the home.


Wooden Furniture


Wood is the most incredible material, and has been used for thousands of years. This simple resource can be handled in many ways to craft many different forms of home implement. If you have the capacity to, then ensure your home is filled with this wonderful resource. Throw out the stainless steel and plastic furniture, and opt for something a little more expensive. If price is a consideration, you can find cheap wooden furniture and even make this yourself, incurring little cost.


Consider renting woodworking space, use your garage or simply use online auction houses to source amateur woodworkers yourself. Wood is the single biggest influencer in giving a home character. Try to ensure that all shades of furniture choosings work together and allow for a theme. This can change from room to room. Also, ensure that the wood is cared for. Rustic does not mean damaged or mistreated, simply a little earthy and humble in its tone.


Home Artwork


It’s important for people to customize their home with their own fixtures. This means creating things that mean something to your home. This might be a mural that all of your family contributes to, or simply allowing your children to hang their artwork where they would feel the most proud of doing so. A rustic home is the opposite of a minimal and super-organized home. It’s tidy and beautiful, but also has character and depth. Character does not only come through what furniture you choose or what paintings you hang, but how lived in your home feels. For that reason, making the family your priority allows your home to feel more inviting, and in that respect more down to Earth and rustic.


With this in mind, you’ll be living in a home of your dreams as soon as can be.

Naomi Isted
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