Drivers Beware! Your Car Affects Your Health

Owning a car is by far the quickest way to get from A to B. With 31.5 million of cars in the UK, and more and more two-car households, it’s fair to say that the British population doesn’t need to be convinced of the advantages of car ownership. Besides, as the average commute time to get to work in England is close to 50 minutes, it’s easy to understand why cars have become an essential item of your day-to-day life.

However, more and more reports have been recently warning about the dangers of driving. Indeed, car owners need to consider the many risks of driving. While the increased air pollution is an increasing topic of worries for the latest generations, it’s something that you can expect to help improve through new policies and manufacturing solutions in the long term. However, making vehicles green doesn’t make them safe for your health. Indeed, driving a car threatens your physical and mental health significantly.

Traffic jam

Long drives keep you sitting

With an average commute time of 48 minutes, employees spend on average over 1 hr 30 sitting in their car every day. In reality, rush hour traffic, road works and other unexpected delays, most people spend around 3 hours in their car every day. Regardless of how comfortable your seat might be, sitting too much is harmful to your health. Combined with an office job, your car increases the risks of heart diseases, dementia, premature death, and diabetes. As it can also undo the benefits of joining a gym class, you’ll have to think twice next time about making a long commute. You can actively target risks by reducing your reliance on a vehicle; embracing a flexible work solution can help you to manage health risks.

An accident doesn’t only damage the car

With more cars on the road, and more drivers eager to arrive quickly, accidents have become frequent. Being involved in a car crash can dramatically change your lifestyle. For a start, when your car is damaged, you are left without any mean of transportation. But more importantly, an accident can leave you injured too, making it even more difficult to maintain your lifestyle without proper motor vehicle accident compensation. Additionally, while monetary compensation can ensure that all bills will be paid in the near future, it doesn’t guarantee full recovery. You might struggle to get your strength back after an injury has side-lined you. Indeed, physical limitations can be long-lasting, from chronic pain to mobility impairments.

Driving is stressful

Last, but not least, driving a car in the UK can be a stressful experience. Indeed, from being stuck in traffic to trying to manoeuvre your car on a hectic road, research has shown that anxiety levels begin to rise within the first 15 minutes of your commute. Unfortunately, your stress doesn’t disappear once you’re out of the car. You carry it with you throughout the day. It affects your health, your productivity, and your relationships with others.

Use yoga to relax

Owning a car is an undeniable status symbol. However, it’s a symbol that comes at a high cost. From the risks of accidents to increased levels of unhappiness, car owners lead a complex and dangerous lifestyle!


Naomi Isted
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