Dress Up Your Denim

6 ways to breathe new life into your denim pieces.


Denim is an integral part of any women’s wardrobe, whether it be jeans, a jacket, jumpsuit or skirt we will never stop loving it. Though it’s lifespan is one of the longest among fabrics it may start to feel , dare we say, boring after years of wear. Denim is enjoying a bit of resurgence at the moment so instead of splashing out breathe new life into your favourite denim pieces with these easy and inexpensive methods.


Fringe It.  

It’s really easy to find fringe trim online and in good haberdasheries. It’s even easier to sew said trim around the hem of a skirt or along the top of a jacket pocket for some fun swinging style. And it doesn’t  have to be just fringe mix it up with some sequin or pom pom trims for a clashing bohemian vibe.


Stud it

You can find studs in just about any shape and colour these days so pick and mix for the ultimate personalized look.  These star studs are especially cute.



Patch It

Another great way to personalize and really show off your personality and interests are patches. You can find lot of items on the high street that are already patched up but creating your own bespoke version is so much more fun. Skinny Dip do some great patches as does ebay. 





Paint It

Let your artistic flair flow with some paintbrushes and fabric paint. Easy and a fun group activity to do with your girlfriends. Just be sure to use a fabric paint that is suitable for denim and won’t come off in the wash.


Dye It

Dyeing denim is a bit of a lengthy process but if you want the ultimate personalized look then this is for you. It’s a great way to create the perfect colour that you would never find in store. This guide on how to  dye denim is a good place to start.



Line It denim

Most denim jackets aren’t usually lined because truthfully they don’t need it. But browse Pinterest and you’ll see that many people have taken to lining the inside of their denim jackets in colorful and fun materials. If you’ve never used a sewing machine fear not as there are many beginner’s guides available online. A really cool way to make your jacket more individual to you and your style.



Mahum Masood
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