Dream UK Wedding Venues

Dream UK Wedding Venues


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want it to be just perfect and how you have always imagined. If you are having your wedding at home in the UK, there are some truly stunning venues to choose from. So you do want a fairy tale wedding at a castle or a quirky outdoors reception?

Having Your Wedding in a Church

If you want a traditional wedding, walking down the aisle to music played from an organ, then a church wedding is for you. You may have a specific church in mind. It might be where your parents got married or where you were christened. I love that in the UK, we have some architecturally beautiful churches that have aged well. They can look so good in photographs, particularly if you are going for a vintage style of wedding. There are some modern looking churches too, including those from the LDS church. They offer their chapels free for weddings. So it might be worth checking to see where one is near you.

Stately Home

There are a large amount of gorgeous stately homes in the UK that are available for weddings. Set in acres of land, they are a pretty perfect venue. Quite often they have water fountains and features that will look fantastic in your pictures. They have rooms that are to die for and often have wedding specialist to help you make the most of it. If you can imagine yourself turning up to your wedding at somewhere like, then a wedding in a stately home is for you.


Whether it is a big hotel or a small hotel, they will be able to cater for your wedding. So think about the style of hotel and room that you would like and go from there. I think a hotel is a great option if you are getting married somewhere other than your home town. Or if one side of the wedding party has to travel quite far, then it doubles up as accommodation for guests and family. Plus, you don’t have to have the worry of getting to your wedding or the stress of traffic. You can stay there the night before and get ready at your leisure.


Quite a few castles offer wedding packages. How amazing would that be? You will have some memories and photographs that will be brilliant. So if you fancy being a princess for a day, look into how much a wedding at a castle will be. It is likely to be the priciest option!

Park or Garden

In the UK, getting married in a park or garden can be stunning but can also be a little tricky. You have to sign the register and do the formal ceremony inside a building. The rest of it can be outside, though. Perfect for a shabby chic wedding reception in spring or summer. Garden weddings are perfect with lots of fairy lights and lanterns strung around.

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