Doors And Windows – Making The Most Of Your Home Apertures

Doors And Windows – Making  The  Most  Of  Your Home Apertures

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Every home has them, but not every home makes the most of them. Doors and windows, skylights, and arch ways all let light and air in. And your doorways are the apertures that welcome your guests and family into your home. When you’re designing your home style, it is so easy to forget just how important these things are. No wonder we take them for granted. We use them every day! But now you can take the everyday out of your windows and doors, and make them extraordinary.


Of course, they have a function. They need to open. They need to close. But they do more than that. Keeping the weather, the heat, the cold, and trespassers out is another key function of your doors and windows. They need to be secure, weather proof and draft free.

If you are designing your dream home from scratch, chances are you’ll be installing the latest high-tech windows that offer all these things. But most of us have inherited older styles. Would you replace them? This is an expensive solution but is often the preferred choice of the doer-upper looking to make a profit when they sell. However, there are things you can do to improve the functionality of your existing doors and windows.


New locks can go a long way toward improving the security of your doors and windows. If you are looking to replace them, consider things like installing roller shutters. The access to open them is usually only on the inside or by remote control. And they offer additional benefits like privacy or insulation.

A new front door is likely to come with three to five locking mechanisms for extra security and peace of mind. You might also want to install and intercom system with camera. This can help you monitor who is at your door before you choose to open it. Each of these things could also improve the look of your home, and its value.


Remember, it’s not just the way your doors and windows look from the outside that you need to consider. They are also a huge part of your interior style and design. Windows need to be dressed. You might choose some Venetian or Roman blinds to alter the fall of natural light in the room.

Drapes and curtains can also make a big difference to the look of the room. They bring extra texture and structure to the window area. They can also keep the light and cold out. Bright colours, elegant patterns, and stylish tie-backs can help your window area become a beautiful focal point.


Most of us spend a few days each month cleaning and dusting the window sills or frames. If they are wooden, you may even need to paint them each year. The glass will often come up to a clear shine with a good vinegar solution. And most curtains can be popped in the washing machine to keep them clean.

If you leave the outside of the windows to a professional cleaner, it’s worth checking up on their work from time to time. Upstairs window sills on the outside are rarely tackled with an extender pole. And porch areas around the light can quickly become home to spiders and other insects. Brush them off, and add a spot of cleaning fluid to get them looking as good as new.


Of course, it’s not just the door itself, or the glass panes that make up the windows. The frames are just as important. These are often wooden, so they will need sanding and painting each year. If your wooden frames are looking damp and rotten, it’s time to get them replaced. The whole window could fall out if the frames are not in good condition. It could also be a targeted access point for trespassers or burglars.

If you think of the windows as the eyes of your house, you could consider the frames and surrounds to be the lashes, liner or shadow. You can alter them to bring extra colour or definition to this area. Keep them clean so they look fresh at all times. And don’t be afraid to dress them. A little floral window box or decorative shutters could look very appealing. This will add to your home’s kerb appeal too.

It’s easy to forget about taking care of the doors and windows at times. But they are such an important and integral part of your home. It’s essential they are not neglected. Your home security may depend on it!

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