Don’t Let Your Teeth Be A Reason To Hide Your Smile Away

Don’t Let Your Teeth Be A Reason To Hide Your Smile Away


Are you one of those people who every once in a while has strangers come up to them and tell them to smile? It can take a number of forms, from someone saying “Hey, cheer up!” to “You know, you’d look really beautiful if you smiled!”. Quite who they think they are helping is a question for another time, particularly as the second example is borderline creepy. But being told to smile, paradoxically, is something that can make you anxious.

There are a great many reasons why someone might not smile. They could have just received bad news and feel lost and confused. They could be going through a serious condition such as depression, for which being told to smile just makes things worse. It may be that they just don’t smile much naturally, which doesn’t mean they aren’t a happy and warm person. Or they might be self-conscious about their smile.

Why Would You Be Self-Conscious About Smiling?

There is a school of thought that says everyone is more attractive when they smile. There is certainly an element of truth in it, too. Part of attraction, according to scientists with reason to know, is the desire to raise a family with someone. If a person is smiling, it suggests they are happy. That suggests that they are open, which suggests that they would be relationship builders.

Some people, however, try not to smile even when happy because they don’t like how their smile looks. They might feel that they look stupid when they smile. Sometimes you’ll hear people say that someone’s face doesn’t suit a smile. It can sound like an insult, but think about it. In high fashion magazines, how often are the models smiling broadly? Some people prefer a pout. It’s a big wide world.

But I Know People Who Look Better Smiling, And Still Don’t Smile!

Sometimes people aren’t happy with the state of their teeth, and for this reason are reluctant to flash their best grin. Maybe due to neglect or nicotine their teeth are a bit yellow. It may not be very obvious from the outside, but they see it in the mirror every day. Sometimes people have chipped teeth or a gap in their teeth. And even though it might look fine to others, they know about it.

This is a major reason why people contact a Center for Cosmetic Dentistry and look at having work done. They might want them whitened or to have a gap fixed. Maybe they want veneers. It could be that due to a condition such as TMJ or bruxism (teeth grinding to most of us), they need corrective action. But being reluctant to smile can be damaging to your self-confidence. If any of the above issues describe you, there is a solution.

Perhaps the key point here is that you don’t need to smile because someone tells you to. If you don’t feel like smiling, you certainly don’t have to. But if you really want to smile but are scared to, don’t be. There is action you can take.

Naomi Isted
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