Don’t Let Your Old Summerhouse Go To Waste, Transform It!

Don’t Let Your Old Summerhouse Go To Waste, Transform It!

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If you are lucky enough to have an old summerhouse in your garden, you may be wondering what to do with it. While you could continue to use it as an extra storage space, it’s kind of a waste as summerhouses have so much potential, they can even increase the value of your home if refurbished in a creative way. A summerhouse can help you to make more of your garden, it can increase your living space, and can even offer business opportunities, it’s just a case of getting creative, that’s all. So with that in mind, below are some example of ways that you could transform your unused summerhouse into a useful space.

Home office

For anyone who works from home, having a home office is important as it allows you to separate your working life from your home life. While a lot of people choose to work from inside their homes, if you’ve got an unused summerhouse, this could be converted into a home office complete with heating, lighting, and internet access. Need a little inspiration? There are plenty of summerhouse home office ideas on photo sharing sites like Instagram that you can have a browse of.

Private or commercial guest bedroom

Whether you need extra space for when your extended family visits, transforming your summerhouse into a guest bedroom could be the answer. Or, how about creating a commercial guest bedroom that you can charge tourists to stay in? Design a guest bedroom complete with a working kitchen and bathroom, as well as a comfortable bed, a TV, and internet access, and you could make a fortune. You could also add a little deck complete with high-quality decking lights and lots of pretty pot plants, to give your guests somewhere to soak up the sun. For a luxury guest house, how about investing in a hot tub or sauna for your guests to use while they stay? The more luxurious you make your summerhouse, the more appealing to guests it will be, and the more you can charge per night.

Activity room

No space in your home for an activity room? Then why not transform your old summerhouse into one? Just think, you could use the space for all sorts of different things, from a games room to a relaxation and meditation room, or even as a playroom for the kids. Or, when you hold parties, the space could be used as a social hub for people to relax and hang out in. The possibilities are endless. You could even add an outdoor kitchen to the side of the building so that in the summer you can take full advantage of the space and use it to make BBQs and garden parties more enjoyable and easier to organise. Just make sure to have high-quality speakers fitted to the building so that you can play music while in there and project it out into the garden.

There you have it, three ideas for transforming your old and unused summerhouse into a useable space that adds value to your home.

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