Don’t Let Anything Come Between Your Health And You


Don’t Let Anything Come Between Your Health And You

valentines-day-gift-guideThere is no denying that your health is one of the most important things in your life, whether you are constantly worried about it or just ignoring it until it something goes wrong. Being healthy is what keeps your body functioning, and your mind too. In a hectic lifestyle, it can be difficult to give your health all the attention it requires. More often than not, things that you haven’t planned for can come in between you and your physical and mental health. This article focuses on the various everyday situations that can damage your health without any conscious decision on your part.

Neglecting Healthy Eating Habits

Developing healthy eating habits is part of keeping a healthy body. There is no denying about that; you’ve probably read enough medical articles to know about it. However, it can be tricky to stick to healthy habits when life is hectic around you. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, you can become a little careless. Whether you mean, it or not is not relevant. What matters is to be able to identify the bad habits before they can damage your health any further.

The Naughty Sweet Tooth

Everyone likes a sweet treat. After all, it’s hard to say no to a cookie at the end of a long day. However, too much sugar can cause lasting damages to your body. Without mentioning weight gain, and diabetes, it’s important to look at other visible effects of too much sugar. Your skin reflects on the quality of your diet. As a result, acne, blemishes, and loss of firmness are often the direct consequence of a sweet indulgence. Sugar can also impact on the health of your teeth, causing tooth decay and stains. In short, think twice about indulging your sweet tooth next time.  

How much do you love sugar?

Too Much Alcohol

Most people have no alcohol problem, but they still enjoy the odd glass from time to time. Then, they are people who, despite having no addiction problem, find themselves drinking a little too much when they do. But alcohol is not just a relaxant that you can take to enjoy the party or to reward yourself at the end of a long day. Alcohol is proven to impair your decision making process and your motor skills. Between 2006 and 2010, alcohol has hacked on average 30 years off the lives of American drinkers. So maybe it’s time to say no to another glass. Alcohol poisoning is extremely frequent, especially because a lot of individuals are not equipped to metabolize the amount they drink. So be careful and stick to fruit juice next time.

When Slimness Causes Deficiencies

You simply need to open your favorite magazine to stare at overly slim girls wearing fantastic clothes. It’s no wonder that more and more women are taking control of their diet to look more like a photoshopped version of a person. As a result, they can ban certain types of food from their plate. This can result in vitamin and mineral deficiency, which can impact on the ability for the body to heal itself. Anemia, an iron deficiency, is especially common among young women, especially if they try to limit their diet. Iron is key to maintaining essential body functions, such as the production of hemoglobin, and the maintaining of healthy hair and skin. When left undiagnosed, anemia can cause severe damages to the body from hair loss to blood dysfunctions.  

Someone Else’s Negligence

Not all health issues are the result of a careless life. Unfortunately, your health also responds to the stimuli that others produce, whether these are linked to an environment or an event. It can be difficult to identify when someone is responsible for your health issues, except in the obvious case of an accident. But they are some clues that you can follow to know the source of your physical or mental issues and to find the best possible solution for these. The two main cases of negligence done to you are the following:

A Medical Negligence

When you require medical assistance or treatment, it is natural to rely on the expertise of professionals to help you to get better. However, it sometimes happens that professionals, instead of making you better, make you worse. In the case of such a mistake, you can find support in medical negligence claims to obtain the compensation that you need. Often, with medical negligence, receiving a compensation is the guarantee to be able to enjoy a quality of life that you wouldn’t have had without. It’s more than being proven right. It’s about getting your life back and living it to the fullest.

Stress And Pressure

More and more individual suffer from work-related stress that is caused by no action of their own. Poor management strategies, heavy workload, lack of team communication, toxic colleague relationship, whatever the reason, stress is a common illness of modern offices. But just because it is common doesn’t mean that it is safe. Stress can impact on your concentration, your mood, your sleep, your appetite, and it can also have destructive consequences on your social life and your family. Stress is responsible for 75% to 90% of all visits to the doctor and can contribute greatly to the development of heart diseases, diabetes, and autoimmune illnesses. So don’t let work suck the life out of you!

Do You think About Your Happiness?

Last, but not least, there’s the matter of your mental health. Most individuals ignore their mental health as it doesn’t display clear sign, contrary to your physical health which can be directly seen on your body. But you need to pay attention to your mind too.

Are You Passively Depressed?

Depression is both extremely common and completely ignored. Most individuals suffering from depression are not aware of it. Indeed, when the feelings of sadness and worthiness have become a habit, you stop noticing them. You can discuss your feeling with relatives, or use a proactive test to determine whether you are suffering from depression. If you find yourself feeling exhausted, lacking motivation, eating too much or too less without noticing, and isolating yourself from your social circle, you could need help to fight off depression.

Are you passively depressed?

Do You Have The Right Coping Mechanisms?

Everyone has to deal with stress. It’s, unfortunately, part of life. But the way you cope with it can help you stay healthy or destroy your mental health. Indeed, if you choose to revert to self-blaming, this might develop into self-esteem issues and eventually depression disorder.


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