Do You Know When Minor Skin Problems Can Signal Major Issues?

Do You Know When Minor Skin Problems Can Signal Major Issues?


When you are stressed (either from uni work or burning the candle at both ends), your skin is the first area to show it. Rather than glowing with a youthful radiance or whatever it is the ads tell you that you should have, it’s dull and lacking in vibrancy. Dark circles under your eyes; the looks of premature ageing and a general sense of ill health.

Most of the time, these issues can be cured with a good night’s sleep and a positive skincare regimen. In some cases, however, the problems can linger and worsen.

As our skin is such an obvious part of us and something we cannot hide, if you have persistent issues then it might be time for deeper investigation. You should still get a good night’s sleep of course, but… I don’t expect you to make any promises on that.

Problem: Persistent Redness, Feelings of Heat When Touched

Obviously, if you’re fresh off an exercise session and your skin feels like this, then it’s fine. At any other time and with no apparent cause, it’s worth looking deeper. Your skin will likely be sensitive to the touch and even rubbing in cream can make the redness worse. If you ask a friend to touch a red patch, they may observe it is warm to the touch compared to skin elsewhere on your body.

What’s Going On?

The most likely culprit is a condition known as rosacea. This causes the skin to redden at the merest stimulus. Furthermore, some of the patches can become permanent. Many people with rosacea suffer from the psychological damage it can inflict also.

See a doctor, but rosacea is more about self-care than a cure. Your skincare regime needs to be freed of products containing irritants and fragrance. Avoiding exfoliants and having regular soothing facials can help you stay in control.

Problem: Acne

We all get the occasional battle with acne, particularly during times of hormonal change. Black and whiteheads are more in the annoying category than worrying. It’s important to learn the signs of cystic acne; this is not a red flag itself, but it’s a cause for more attention. If it sticks around on a more permanent basis, then there are two potential culprits.

What’s Going On?

First, you might be using products that are irritating your skin. Switch to a simpler regime, such as micellar water and an oil-free moisturiser, and see if it improves. Secondly, hormonal conditions such as PCOS can cause excess acne, so see your doctor if nothing seems to be shifting it.

Problem: Dry Skin

We talk about dry skin so much that it’s difficult to see it as an issue. Skin is sore and has a rough texture which is sometimes visibly dry also.

What’s Going On?

It is most likely just dehydration and need for a good moisturiser, but it can be a sign of an underlying condition. If the problem is chronic, then it is worth speaking to your doctor about a check of your thyroid function. If it’s low, dry skin is one of the first symptoms people notice – and it’s more common in women. It’s not serious, but you do need to know about it so it can be treated.

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