Do You Know the Latest Vaping Rules?

Do You Know the Latest Vaping Rules?

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The term vaping is used to describe the process of inhaling and exhaling water vapor through an electric vaporizer. Cannabis vaping, or dry herb vaping, is, basically, heating the cannabis and distilling it into a mist that can then be inhaled. Many people are turning to vaping as an alternative to smoking, because the smoking process can remove many of the medical benefits that are found in cannabis. With the rise in the popularity of vaping, new rules and regulations have been developed. With the rules, there are some limitations to vaping. If you are going to partake in dry herb vaping, there are some rules that you need to know.


It is important to remember that the FDA has not approved the use of marijuana at the national level. Cannabis is legal for medical and recreational use in eight states. These eight states are Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, and Washington. In seventeen states, cannabis is totally illegal. The other states look at cannabis as semi-legal, depending on if someone has a permit for the use of medical marijuana or not. In addition to the states that do allow vaping, each state has its own legal limits that have been passed. For example, California has placed bans on vaping, whether nicotine or cannabis, particularly at schools and other public locations.

The Rules

In 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration published a new set of rules regarding vaping products, or vaporizers. These rules include new practices for companies that manufacture vaping devices, or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). These ENDS can hold both nicotine and cannabis, and the new rules regulate the pieces of each of the ENDS. Each time a company develops a new product or changes an existing one, they need to file a patent. Other rules regulate vaping in general, including correctly labeling all vaping devices.

This is important to know because the rules that are specifically regarding cannabis are a little vague. The use of vaping devices is considered legal in private homes, but when it comes to public places, the rules begin to change. When it comes to dry herb vaping, if you are living in a state where cannabis is not legal, it is still illegal to intake it via vaping. Another rule has been set out in forty different states, and this rule is a ban against citizens vaping in public enclosed spaces. There are also several states that have banned vaping outside, or the sale of vaping supplies to anyone under the age of nineteen.

Other rules exist for vaping that are not federal or state laws. These are more like guidelines to proper vaping procedure, and can make your vaping experience more enjoyable. First, don’t burn any herbs. One of the advantages to vaping is that it does not burn the herbs, thus keeping all the benefits of the plant for you. Secondly, make sure you’re using fresh herbs. If you try to use herbs that are too dry, they will not be able to be vaporized. Finally, avoid combusting your herbs. If the temperature is too hot, the herbs will burn. This is not an ideal situation, and wastes your time and your money.

Discreet Vaping

Many of the ENDS that are used for vaping are designed to be small and discreet. If you aren’t sure about the policy in your specific location, or if you just want small ENDS that are not too obvious, there are several designs that can facilitate that. Many devices are small or shaped like pens. This makes them both more convenient to carry and helps you practice discreet vaping. To get an idea of what vaporizers are available, the Vaping360 weed vaporizer guide gives a pretty in-depth look at what’s on the market.

Because vaping is being recommended by many healthcare professionals as a positive way to get the most benefit from a cannabis prescription, the number of people who are vaping in the United States has increased. As a result of this increase, the rules and regulations will continue to grow and change as time goes on. Whenever you are vaping, be sure that you are aware of the rules and regulations in the area that you live. The rules tend to vary from state to state, so ask your local shop or your healthcare professional for more information.

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