Discover a new perspective of London

Discover a new perspective of London

1Expedia - Tate Modern, London -- Tatenda Nyamande -- Photo 2 -- PR contact 07742842868
Tate Modern, London — Tatenda Nyamande 


London’s attractions are among the best in the world – fact. I mean, what can top the iconic charms of the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the city’s famous Bridges?

Living in the capital, it’s easy to take these sites for granted. You can walk past something day after day but it’s only when you stumble across it from a different location, that you start to re-appreciate what London has to offer.

With its new project, Better Perspectives, the travel company, Expedia, has captured this feeling through the portfolios of up-and-coming young photographers. Bringing together eight collaborators, the project shows London’s prized landmarks like you’ve never seen them before. Picture The Shard, with its towering peak shot against the familiar British skyline. Or, imagine St Paul’s cathedral viewed from rooftops miles away, the tip of its cross visible between the city’s other buildings of grandeur.

London Eye -- Chloe Newman - PR contact 07742842868
London Eye — Chloe Newman

Art in Brick Lane 

Speaking to these photographers, their passion for the city is clear. Chloe Newman, a local music and still life photographer, shares her experiences of taking photos in London. “I would definitely photograph around Soho”, she begins. “I love the neon lights and energy around that area and how it transforms at night. I’d also photograph the graffiti walls near Shoreditch and Brick Lane. The colours are always so bold and the artists are so talented, you see a real variation of styles.”

Lamarr Golding, a free-runner who combines his passion with photography, talks about alternative ways to view the capital. “If I had the chance to photograph anywhere, it’d have to be from the top of the Heron Tower”, he says. “The view would capture Central London’s highest skyscrapers all bundled together in one place and would offer such an incredible angle of the city. You don’t often see photos from that perspective.”

Nicholas Constant - PR contact 07742842868
Nicholas Constant 

Photos from the Thames 

Finding inspiration in such a diverse city might seem easy but often the best take can be from where you’d least expect it. Nicholas Constant, an award-winning photographer, tells us about different viewpoints and how they’ve impacted his work.

“My favourite places in London are along the waterfront,” he says. “I think seeing the city from the water level is interesting as everything is built around you. You can pick any spot along the Thames and watch life in London go right by.”

Better Perspectives evokes this side to Nicholas’s work, showing his shots of Big Ben taken from the river – a play on time. The project details how he photographed Big Ben over a series of days.

Lamarr Golding -- PR contact 07742842868
Lamarr Golding 

The allure of dusk

Evening plays a part in many of the photos where twilight hour lighting appears in the final shots. Tatenda Nyamande, one of the project’s contributors, recognizes this in his work. “During the golden hour as the sun is setting, you see London in a unique way”, Tatenda says. “Partly thanks to how it’s lit but also because that’s when everyone is going home and you see the beauty of diversity of this city.”

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