Deter Criminals From Your Home With This Guide

Deter Criminals From Your Home With This Guide

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There’s no worse feeling than not feeling safe in your own home. Even if you’re away from home, thinking that your home might be at risk can fill you with worry. By making sure you take the right steps to deter criminals from your home, you can have peace of mind wherever you are in the world. Use this guide to deter criminals and make your home your safe haven!

Install Security Alarms

Make sure you have the appropriate security alarms installed in your home. You can get all kinds of effective alarms, from smart alarms to regular, old school style alarms. There’s something for every budget though, so you have no excuse. This will give you peace of mind, and can even alert the local authorities to a break in if you’re not home when it happens.  

Make Sure You Have Sturdy Windows And Doors

Make sure your windows and doors are as sturdy as possible. If you’ve had them for a while, you may need to replace them to ensure they are strong, or get somebody in to strengthen them. Beware of having sliding doors at home. While they can look great and give you a convenient walkway to the garden, they can also be really easy to remove and break in. Make sure you read reviews and speak to the company about your needs to ensure you’re getting the right type.

Change Your Locks As Soon As You Move In

If you move into your home and fail to change the locks right away, you’re already at risk. How do you know that somebody hasn’t got a copy of that key already? You can’t really know how long that lock has been there or who the previous owners gave a spare to. This is why you should make it your mission to change the locks as soon as you move in. By contacting a place like you can get your locks changed as soon as possible.

Be Very Careful About Leaving A Spare Key

Leaving a spare key hidden outside is the norm for many people. After all, it’s possible to lose a key and then be left in the lurch when it comes to getting inside of your home. However, leaving one is very risky these days. Criminals are becoming more aware of the common places to put a spare key, so it likely won’t be difficult to find. Some people like to use a fake rock outside that the key is inside of – try that if you must have a key outside. Alternatively, you could give a spare to somebody you trust and contact them if you need it. You don’t literally want to let criminals walk into your home by letting themselves in.

Don’t Give Too Much Away

So many people make the mistake of leaving valuables and things that attract thieves in the windows, where they are easily seen. Some may leave their keys in full site, a smart TV, and other things that will tempt criminals. Try your best to keep these areas clear so you’re not encouraging them think about breaking in. So many criminals have actually let themselves into victims homes by managing to pull the keys through their letterbox.

Control Your Home Remotely

How about setting up your home so that it can be controlled remotely? You don’t need a full smart home set up to be able to keep your home safe. For example, when you’re away from home, you can remotely control the lights and your curtains. This will make it look like someone is inside, even if nobody is there at all. Thieves are very smart, and will pay attention to homes that look empty for too long.

Consider Installing CCTV

Installing CCTV can be a massive deterrent to criminals. However, if you’re worried about the cost, you have other options. How about fake CCTV? There’s no real way that criminals will be able to tell that it isn’t real, so it should still make a good deterrent.

Get Outside Lighting

If the outside of your home is pitch black at night time, you could be giving criminals a place to lie in wait and hide. Make sure you get outside lighting. You obviously don’t want this to burn bright at all hours when there’s no threat, so it’s a good idea to make it sensored lighting. This way, if somebody does show off, it will come on automatically. A criminal should then leave quickly. Security measures like this can even add value to your home.

Get A Dog…Or Just A Sign

Dogs can make great companions and guardians for your home. You can train them to protect your home and bark if somebody tries to break in, too. However, getting a dog isn’t suitable for everyone. Maybe you work long hours, you’re allergic, or you simply can’t afford it. You can always just get a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign. It may not be true, but things like this can still deter criminals as they won’t want to take the risk.

Start A Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood watch is another brilliant way for you and your neighbors to look out for one another and deter criminals. You can take it in turns to look out for one another’s homes when you go on trips and holidays. You can also hold meetings to discuss security in the area if you wish. Put up signs so that criminals know it is a neighborhood watch area. This can greatly reduce the amount of crime.

You want to make your home your safe haven and keep it as safe as possible. Make sure you use the tips in this comprehensive guide to deter them for good! Although you can’t guarantee that nothing will happen, taking as many precautions as possible will definitely reduce your risk. If you have any ideas or tips that aren’t in the guide, leave it in the comments. See you again soon!

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