Design Your Dream Home: Luxury Living For Your Lifestyle

Design Your Dream Home: Luxury Living For Your Lifestyle 

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If you are lucky enough to be starting with a clean state in a new property, now is your opportunity to design your dream home room by room. Even if you’re only going for one room at a time, you can still add a luxurious stamp on each space as you tackle all design aspects of your home. Let’s take a look at what you need to take into consideration when designing your dream home.

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Inspiration Boards

In the first stages of planning, it’s crucial to create an inspiration board for each room so that you don’t lose your way. Use something like Pinterest to create boards for each room. And create real life boards too including swatches of fabric, paint testers and tile and wood samples. Let every family member add their own inspirations so you can create something that works for everyone. It’s not as simple as knowing whether you like monochrome, bright colours or earthy tones. You need to think about texture too. Do you want velvets or linens? Damask or voile. Would your prefer cozy wool carpets or French Oak flooring? Do you want glossy or matte cabinets? Is your style vintage, contemporary or Industrial? There are so many questions to address. It makes sense to collate everything onto each board room-by-room until you see the start of your dream home taking shape. Create a vision that suits all your family’s needs.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 19.11.11Calling In The Professionals

Once you have planned your personal style, it’s time to call in the professionals. For the ultimate in luxury living, you want a smooth, sleek polished finished to every aspect of your home. This means laying off the DIY. You are investing in your future here, and you want to create your perfect playground. Companies such as Georgian Renovations offer in-depth consultations and design development. Professionals will take you all the way through to renovation and remodeling. At this stage you will want to be able to talk about flooring requirements, lighting needs, the character you want to create and the materials you want to use. Zone by zone, go through your designs with a fine tooth comb. Think about storage, light, colour and period style. Ask yourself if you want floating shelves or inbuilt storage. Work out if you are going for organic features or if you are looking for a period style renovation. Think about the layout of your rooms. Do you want to create open plan living? Would you like to add an extra guest bathroom or an ensuite? Do you want a bespoke staircase or a huge marble kitchen island? At this stage, leave no stone unturned.

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The Dreamy Finishing Touches

When you have designed each room to your exact specifications, it’s then time to think about those luxurious extras you could add. Luxury living is all about peace, tranquillity, style and ultra-luxe comfort. Ask yourself if there is space for a chic wet room in one of your bathrooms. Think about whether you would like to invest in an indoor swimming pool, sauna or hammam. Is there space for a sleek cinema room? Would your dream home benefit from a luxury gym? Your home is where you will spend the most time with your family. So make sure to add in those extra luxury touches that will turn it from mediocre to magnificent.

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