Design Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger

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A lot of people wish that they lived in a bigger house or apartment, but there are often times when you simply don’t have the money for an upgrade. However, there are some clever interior design tricks which you can put into practice to give your home the illusion of looking bigger. Many of these techniques are easy enough to put into practice, and they can actually end up making all the difference in making you feel like you live in a much bigger place.

Widen Up Your Windows

You don’t necessarily have to pay huge sums of money to make your windows appear bigger. First of all, try extending the curtain rods beyond the frame to make them appear wider. You can also layer both curtains and shades to help you exaggerate the height. Take a look at some rattan blinds as a good possible option. Otherwise, you could use blinds which have vertical patterns to draw the eye upwards.

Pull Furniture Away from the Walls

The simple act of pulling furniture away from the walls can go a long way towards creating the illusion of spaciousness which you are looking for. You may think that pushing them right up against the wall creates more space, but in fact, it makes the room appear more cramped than it needs to. Just a few inches will do the job nicely.

Use Creative Storage Solutions

Nothing makes a place look cramped more than clutter all over the place. Try choosing some furniture items which double up as storage space such as coffee tables and ottomans. If you are going to hang up some shelves, try positioning them near to the ceiling in an effort to draw the eye upwards.

Don’t Just Use Overhead Lights

If you only have overhead lighting, this can end up pooling all the light in a single space. To draw more focus on the other features in your room, use some lamps of varying size. You could also consider installing a dimmer switch so that you can create a shadowed effect in your rooms.

Strategically Position Your Mirrors

One of the oldest tricks in the book of creating more space when you don’t have enough is by positioning your mirrors in strategic locations. For example, you could place it across from a window as a way of reflecting light and making the whole room appear larger. Otherwise, you could put a big mirror behind a piece of furniture to make it seem like there is a whole other space back there.

Use Rugs to Separate Space

A great design tricks for those who live in a studio apartment or similar, rugs can be used to separate one room into several smaller spaces. Make sure that you choose rugs which are an appropriate size for your room as ones which are too big or small can end up giving off the opposite effect to the one that you were intending on.


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