Derma-planing the new Beauty craze

Derma-planing the new Beauty craze


My phone rang, ‘Hi Naomi you need to be in London for the Awards by 6pm where are you now?  I said I’m just waiting for my appointment with Skin Geek, I’m about to have my face shaved? My publicist asked me about 5 times sorry am I hearing you right? Yes I’m having may face shaved thats right!’ He sounded in slight shock.

Derma-planing, have you heard about it yet? If not you should have. It’s the latest beauty craze to hit the UK. It’s been popular in the states for quite a while and although it sounds rather bizarre its an incredible treatment.

Vogue called it the latest cutting edge beauty trend in March this year, so ladies you really should have heard of this.  Basically the treatment takes around 30-45min, is pain free, very relaxing actually and has instant results.

I was treated by the original UK  trainer the lovely Nicola Russel of Skin Geek. Nicola Russell (aka The Skin Geek) brought it to the uk over 2 years ago and has been teaching it for about 18 months (all over the uk). She made me instantly feel at ease about the treatment when I arrived. She’s trained over 400 lovely ladies in the UK so theres plenty of scope to find a local therapist.


Basically the idea behind the treatment is that it takes off dead skin and peach fuzz, making the skin unbelievably smooth. When you apply your lotions or makeup before this treatment it just absorbs into the dead layer of skin and fuzz and doesn’t absorb or look as good as it could. However immediately after this treatment your skin will glow, makeup will sit flawless and your skincare will absorb much better.
My therapist Nicola said that alot of her patients ask if their hair will grow back thicker or darker? It’s physiologically impossible for this to happen. If you are being treated correctly then only the top dead layer of skin is being removed because the source of the hair follicles are much deeper down. Rest assured your hair grows back exactly the same. Nicola will give you the option if you want to have your top lip treated or not. The hair there tends not to be peach fuzz. Again it won’t come back heavier, but what WILL happen is it will come through all at the same time with a blunt edge, because you are essentially shaving, so if you normally get waxed or threaded then she suggests you continue to do this and she will only work on the area that the peach fuzz covers.
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Is there any downtime? No, you can wear makeup straight away, although she recommends not applying any makeup for 24 hours if possible, like all her facials and you should wait around 3-4 weeks between treatments.

Nicola started my treatment by using a cleanser and cleansed my skin a few times to make sure it was squeaky clean and dry. Then she started shaving my entire face with a small scalpel. It’s an exfoliation treatment, with a difference. She uses a scalpel very similar to the ones that surgeons use but her blades have been adapted to use for this treatment. Using the blade at an angle Nicola very gently glides over the skin to lift ONLY the TOP dead layer. Taking any more skin off than needed is when the skin will feel sensitive and sore. I kept falling asleep as I felt totally relaxed. The dead skin and grime that came off my skin was a tad gross. Then Nicola used an enzyme on my skin to bring anything else to the surface and then cleansed and moisturised my skin to finish.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 14.36.38


Now when I say my skin was glowing it was truly glowing and I felt like I instantly looked younger. I also had comments later that evening at the awards that my skin looked incredible. Here’s a picture of how fab my skin looked two days later at last nights Daddys Home 2 Film Premiere on the Red Carpet, my makeup just went on soo effortlessly and my skin looked glowy.


So the benefits;

Removes dead skin

Removes Facial Fuzz

Makes your moisturiser/makeup go on so much easier

Skin looks smoother.


The treatment ranges from £65-140 depending on whether you have a peel aswell.

Thankyou Nicola for a fab treatment I cannot wait to come back next month.

For more info or to book Nicola head over to SKIN GEEK Here.

Naomi Isted
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