Decorating Your First Home with Your Other Half

After years spent renting a place, after having to scrimp and save for your mortgage deposit, after everything you’ve been through together, the time has finally come — you and your other half are moving into your first home together. This is undoubtedly an incredibly exciting time, but once that new-home thrill wears off you’ll probably realise it’s also quite a scary time, too.

Now you are home owners, it’s up to you and your partner to deal with, well, everything. From all the bills you have to shell out for to the patchy paint job in the kitchen, it’s down to both of you to deal with it all…together. What with you both having your own personal preferences, this could make decorating the home rather tricky. Fortunately, advice on that very matter can be found below.

Choose a theme together

It’s going to take a bit of giveand take, but it’s only fair that you and your other half choose the theme of your home’s interior design together. It’s only fair to choose styles that both of you are going to appreciate in the long run, as that is the only way you are both going to remain enthused about your first home long after that ‘new home’ feel has worn off it.

A top tip in this instance is to take inspiration from places that you’ve travelled to and enjoyed together. If you both love a particular restaurant, for instance, then why not theme your dining room around it? Or if you’ve stayed in a hotel in the past that you both loved, why not use it as inspiration when it comes to designing your bedroom?

In the case of choosing a theme together, just remember that you’re not going to agree on everything, so compromise is key.

Create a loving home

If you want to live a long and happy lifetogether, the first thing that you and your partner should seek to do in your first home is makeit a welcoming environment. By doing so, you will create a base from which your relationship will be able to grow and flourish.

In order to bring a loving energy into your home, you should make it as cosy and as compact as possible. Doing this, rather than spreading everything out, will keep you and your partner in close proximity to one another at all times. This means forgoing that massive three-piece suite, and opting for love seat instead —you can easily find cheap loveseats for sale in a variety of designs, meaning you’d never be stuck for choice in that particular department.

Personalise as much as you can

In order to make the home feel like it’s yours, you and your partner should seek to personalise as much of it as you can. This means unpacking and hanging family photographs as soon as possible and making each of your rooms smell exactly the way you eat them to, amongst other things.

Decorating with another person can be difficult, but, if done right, it can also be very rewarding.

Naomi Isted
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