De-Stress During Your Home Move

De-Stress During Your Home Move


Through interior design, there are all kinds of ways we can change the look and feel of our homes. However, there’s nothing quite like a completely new house. Relaxing into a new home feels brilliant, but to get there there’s usually a lot of stress involved. There’s no magic spell which will take all the stress out of moving. Still, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier on you and your family.

So, the mortgage is set up and everything’s ready to go. You might have spent weeks dreaming about different new homes for sale, and now it’s round the corner! A general, sweeping piece of advice at this point is to start being proactive. One thing which will simplify the entire move is having a big clear-out. Go through every single room in the house, and gather up anything which no one uses anymore. The deposit on your house probably wasn’t cheap, and gathering all of your unwanted stuff could mean an opportunity to make a bit of money. Sell everything that’s sellable at car boots or online. If you’re not that concerned with money or just want a simpler option, you could donate a lot of things to charity shops.

After having a massive purge, get your packing started as soon as you possibly can. To take away the maximum amount of stress, be sure to do this in a thorough, organised way. Start off by writing up a checklist of all the different things you’re going to be taking to your new home. You might be surprised by just how much there is! Once you’ve got that record, prioritise everything for a packing order. Start today with the things that you won’t need to get to between now and moving day. The sooner you start packing, the less of a scramble the big day will be! Remember to keep certain things in certain boxes too, clearly labelled with a permanent marker. This will ensure you don’t stay up searching for your toothbrushes through the first night in your new home.

I know it’s often easier said than done, but try to keep a positive outlook. This might sound trivial, but making a conscious effort to keep spirits up can have a huge positive effect. Seen as you’re reading this, you’ve probably been put in charge of the whole moving operation. This means it’s even more important for you to maintain a good attitude. When you’re thinking positively, everything will seem clearer. You’ll find yourself much better at working around any problems that come up. When the going gets tough, just imagine how great your new home is going to be. This will keep up your spirits, and those of your entire household!

Apply these tips to your moving process, and the whole thing will go much smoother than your last one. Finally, I’ll re-emphasise the point that you should start preparation as soon as possible. Moving isn’t a trivial chore, and the better your plan is the better moving day will be.

Naomi Isted
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