Danish Delight: Creating Heavenly Hygge In Your Own Home

Danish Delight: Creating Heavenly Hygge In Your Own Home

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As Scandinavia is much closer to the Arctic Circle, Norway, Denmark and Sweden’s summers tend to be quite warm, sunny and pleasant while the winters are long, dark and quite often endless snow falls for weeks on end especially up in the northern regions. Because calling in sick, or not going to school or work day after day or having endless snow days, the countries would grind to a halt, isn’t optional our friends in the north like to make everything as light and cozy as possible. They light roaring, welcoming fires whenever they can. Eating hot filling meals such as fish soups, meat filled tacos and plenty of stews with potatoes before washing it down with sweet, creamy hot chocolate or cups of strong black coffee.

Such is the requirement to fill the cold, dark days of winter with joy and laughter in order to fight off feelings of sadness or depression there’s even an expression for this activity, ‘hygge,’ and you say it like this ‘hoo-gah’ while in Norwegian the word is better known as  ‘koselig’.’ Unfortunately, there isn’t really a word in the English language that properly translates hygge. If there was, we suppose ‘content’ or ‘cozy’ would be the closest meaning but, in fact, many people suggest that hygge is more of an overall feeling than a word. Because it’s all about where you’re the most content, warm and happy while taking pleasure in the little things.


Soft Fluffy Furnishings

Block out the winter chill by cuddling up with as many comfy throws, fluffy cushions, and warm blankets as you can. Not only are gorgeous pillows and blankets charming, pretty and on trend they’ll help guests to feel welcome as they sink back into a warm, comforting embrace as they slowly feel warmth flow back into their fingers and toes. Nowhere do you want to feel more relaxed, cozy and content than in your own home so why not pop down a thick fluffy rug on your bedroom floor to protect chilly feet? Festoon your bed with goose feather pillows and luxurious, deep throws while keeping a blanket basket in your living room or throwing a rich, velvety comforter over the back of the sofa. Let your space inspire you, accenting your house with those colors and fabrics you love that make you feel positive, calm and safe in your Hygge esque cocoon.


Sixteen Candles

Keeping your mood positive can be hard when it’s dark most of the day so light plays a huge role in Scandinavians emotional health. Create your own oasis of light by placing elegant table, or floor lamps around the house, burning scented candles in beautiful, mirrored holders and, if you need an extra boost, drape some, non tacky, fairy lights around doors, mirrors, and wardrobes. We guarantee their twinkling presence will relax you in no time. If you’ve got an open fire stack those logs high to ward off the chill, enjoying the moment as you watch the flames dance or you could even consider buying a wood stove, or look for one that uses

pellet stove parts to heat your whole house naturally.

Nature Trail

Hygge isn’t just about taking note of what you’re doing but also thinking about where you are. For example, in Norway, nature is highly regarded and families spend a lot of their free time swimming, hiking or mountain biking out on the forest trails. During the winter that’s not possible, so it’s seen as lucky to bring the outside indoors. A natural decoration is best so why not create yourself a holly wreath? A pine cone centerpiece? Or even bring in a basket of logs for the fire. For a unique, free and all-natural art display you could source unusual rocks, or stones and place them on the mantelpiece. Or, if you live near the sea, you could intersperse them with a handful of colored shells.

Cozy Cups

During the winter months, no matter where you live, it’s important that your body gets enough nourishment. To keep colds and coughs at bay drink plenty of hot liquids such as apple cider, lemon tea and rich, tomato soup as well as treating yourself to a luxurious, melting marshmallow topped hot chocolate from time to time. Scandinavian chocolate is slightly sweeter than other varieties, so go easy on any sugar and don’t forget to add a mound of whipped cream. For a truly Hygge experience bake a soft, moist sponge, whip up some Pallegg, or open-faced sandwiches and put a fresh pot of coffee on before inviting over friends or family for afternoon tea.

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