Curb The Appeal Of Your House By Tackling Exterior Appearance

Curb The Appeal Of Your House By Tackling Exterior Appearance

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We all want our homes to look perfect. Increasing your house’s curb appeal will do wonders for the appearance of your home. First impressions count and the exterior of your home is the first thing any visitor will see. It’s also the first thing you see when you get home! No matter how great you’ve got your house inside, a messy exterior will ruin the image. So, how do you get on top of outer appearance? This list will help you make a start!


Painting the front of your house will make a huge difference to the overall appearance. Of course, this painting job isn’t quite so simple as decorating the rooms inside. You’ll have to look out for the right types of paint. Waterproof paint is a must, for example. Not to mention that you’ll need a ladder to get to the awkward parts. Hiring a painting company will save you hassle, as well as ensuring the job’s done properly. Don’t make life harder by doing it all yourself. A professional paint job may cost, but it’s better than doing yourself an injury. When deciding what colors to use, have fun. Do you want to make a statement, or fit in with other houses on the street? Remember, too that you need to consider colors for your doors and window frames!


All the painting in the world won’t hide mess on the roof. Keeping your roof clean is important, especially when the leaves are falling! Cleaning the roof also gives you the chance to make sure everything is in working order. Check and replace your drain gutters when they get grubby to ensure your house is looking its best. Replace any broken roof tiles. Not only will these replacements help avoid further problems, they’ll also keep things looking good.


A perfectly manicured exterior won’t help you if your front yard is a mess. Keep your lawns cut and your bushes trimmed to ensure the front of your house looks as good as possible. A messy garden will send a bad message to your neighbors. Not to mention that it’ll bring down the tone of the whole street. Don’t allow your house to be the one that lets everyone down. Keep on top of simple jobs, so things don’t get out of control!


Small additions are what’s needed to set off those external touches. Including flower boxes on your windows, for example, will add a much-needed touch of color. You could include curtains that look good from the outside, and shutters to add a fairyland touch to your home. The small touches are what count, so make sure you get them right. These are your chance to have a little fun. If you weren’t brave enough to go crazy with your house color, go crazy with the colors on these additions! And remember, good curb appeal will add value to your home!

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