Creating A Fun And Practical Learning Environment

To ensure your little ones have as much fun and engage with their learning as much as possible, it is vital that the environment in which it happens is correct. Of course, when you are teaching at home, this can be a bit more challenging than if you have a classroom. However, the advice below is a great place to start.

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Do get familiar with the principles of Montessori.

First of all, to create an enjoyable learning environment is essential that you familiarise yourself with the principles of Montessori learning. The style of education is based on interactive activities and child-led tasks.

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In fact, the child-led focus is vital when you are setting up your learning environment, because you will need to ensure that resources and supplies are all at the kid’s level. Then they will be able to access the item themselves without additional help. Of course, safety also plays a factor here, and you must ensure that everything they can reach is suitable for their age range.


Don’t expect it to be perfect.

Next, when creating a productive learning environment don’t get suckered in by all those Instagram and Pinterest posts showing perfectly organised spaces without a crayon out of place.

In fact, the only time a learning space should look like this is just after it’s been created or cleared out. The rest of the time expect some mess and clutter because this means that is a space that is being used for creative expression play, and that the kids do not feel restricted in what they can do or make.


Do consider the temperature of your learning space.

Also, an often forgotten aspect of a practical learning space in the temperature of the environment. After all, it can be incredibly difficult for children to concentrate if it’s too warm or too cold, and it indeed won’t be conducive to them engaging in their tasks to the fullest.

With that in mind, it can be a good idea to install some resources that can help you better control the temperature of your learning space.

Windows that insulate the room from the cold like the ones from Buckingham Double Glazing can be a good start, as can a thermostat that can be easily controlled.  However, if you are working in a room that gets a lot of natural light, it may also be wise to consider some blackout blinds and even an air conditioning system to ensure that the temperature stays as comfortable as possible.


Don’t forget to include the kids in the design process.

Last, but certainly not least when creating a productive learning environment, it is always a good idea to consult the kids themselves.

It makes sense to get kids involved in the design of their learning space.

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After all, no one has such a unique perspective on things that they want and need as they do. You may be even be surprised with the suggestions they come up with that could include areas such as a nap space, a nature zone, and even a gallery wall where they can display their latest self-created masterpieces!


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