Could A Scandinavian Theme Be What Your Home Is Missing?

Could A Scandinavian Theme Be What Your Home Is Missing?

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With the rising popularity of Scandinavian countries as vacation destinations, more and more people are being introduced to their way of life. As a result, we’re getting a taste for Nordic design, especially when it comes to our homes.

There’s something almost mystical about Scandinavian homes: the functional style, the clean lines, the relaxing atmosphere and the careful use of light. Everything seems so minimal and elegant.

Here are some insights as to what makes a Scandinavian themed interior. Could this be what your home is missing?

Tone Down The Accessories

Classical interior design has always found it useful to use lots of accessories to give a room a lift. But too much clutter quickly destroys the spirit of a Scandinavian interior. Instead, the Nordic approach is to get rid of all the pointless trinkets and boxes stacked upon boxes and focus on the essential element instead. A couple of potted plants, one by the window and another on the coffee table, will suffice.

Make Use Of Outside-Inside Rooms

The Swedes and the Finnish love creating a connection between their outdoor and indoor spaces. One of the ways that they do this is to have a balcony or a terrace allowing them to enjoy what little sunlight their countries receive during the summer season, as well as the winter months. Interestingly, these spaces are usually kitted out with BBQs to rival the Aussies, as well as comfortable outdoor furniture.

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Focus On Furniture

Perhaps the biggest standout feature of Scandinavian design is the furniture. Designers like Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner created beautiful pieces that inspired the whole culture back in the middle of the twentieth century. Their ideas live on through firms like the European Leather Gallery. Now the range of options available is huge, but almost everything you see can trace its roots back to those early pioneers.

Add Eco-Friendly Elements

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For whatever reason, the Dutch, and the Swedes are very concerned about the environment. Perhaps it has something to do with the extraordinary beauty of the countries in which they reside. Whatever it is, part of going Scandinavian means making your home more eco-friendly. How? Things like triple-glazing, professional insulation, solar roofs, water storage tanks and ground heat pumps all help. In fact, most of these things have actually become standard in Swedish new builds.

Put A Fireplace In The Bedroom, Even If It’s Fake

Things can get rather cold in the far north of Europe during the winter months to the extent that, even with triple glazing, central heating might not be enough to keep you warm. Fortunately, the locals have come up with a way of dealing with this problem: put a fire in every room in the house. This is the sort of thing that Victorian noblemen used to do as a sign of luxury and status, but in Scandinavia, it’s a necessity.

Fireplaces aren’t a focal point in Scandinavian homes. Instead, they are usually tucked away in the corner. It’s probably a lot easier to manage an electric fire than to install a real one, including the chimney.

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