Contemporary bathroom ideas 


When it comes to modern bathroom designs there’s inspiration to be had almost everywhere you look. With contemporary trends changing every year, it’s sometimes harder than you realise though to keep with the current styles. For this reason, we asked the experts at Victorian Plumbing to let us in on some of the best contemporary bathroom ideas that are proving to be popular right now.

Look mum no handles!

Handle-less bathroom furniture is a big thing right now. If you’ve ever caught yourself on a handle (ouch) or ever attempted to open a cupboard door, only to be left stood holding a handle in the air and no open door, then you’ll know all too well of the struggle!

But, fear not! With handle-less furniture your bathroom will not only be a safer and less prone-to-disasters area of the home, but it will also be a modern masterpiece. Some of these contemporary styles are stunning and especially ideal for those looking for a minimalist look.

I see a pattern forming!

If you only want to make one change in order to modernise your bathroom then new tiles are a great idea. Whether you tile the floor, wall or both why not consider patterned tiles?

Patterned tiles are synonymous with traditional themes, but there are quite a few modern patterns for contemporary bathrooms. It’s up to you how creative you want to be with too. One idea is to create a feature wall; to help show off your bath or furniture. If you have a smaller bathroom then tile from floor to ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space.

Go chasing waterfalls

Give your modern bathroom a little TLC with waterfall taps. This clever new design has proven very popular in modern bathrooms and really looks and feels great.

You can find a wide variety of waterfall taps for both basins and baths with the majority of options coming in matching sets. This keeps the room looking professionally finished and stylish although you’re not restricted to this way of doing thing and mixing styles is certainly an option too. Check out wall mounted waterfall taps for an extra special feature for modern bathrooms.

Not another digital switchover

If you’re planning a contemporary bathroom design and you’re reaching straight for an electric shower, STOP! It’s not that we don’t want you to enjoy the benefits of an electric shower, but before you decide on one we think you should take a look at digital showers.

Feel the power of digital at your fingertips with many features to make every shower experience exactly as you desire. This isn’t just a modern idea for the bathroom it will also future proof it too!

Hang in there

Another great idea for contemporary bathrooms is to utilise the walls with wall hung furniture. Some great examples of wall hung furniture is vanity units, tall boys and basins.

Wall hung vanity units typically feature basins included and wall hung tall boy units are great for providing additional storage. Look out for packs where you can get matching sets which usually work out cheaper. If you decide to use wall hung furniture in a smaller bathroom then you’ll notice that the room feels slightly bigger, simply pair wall hung furniture with a wall hung toilet for a great look and even more space!

There’s so much inspiration out there for modern bathroom designs, but we really hope we’ve given you a head start with your bathroom planning. The ideas mentioned above are important additions, but there are lots of little things such as lighting, heating and accessories which require careful consideration for the best results.

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