Confidence Starts With Scent

Confidence Starts With Scent

The senses which you use to navigate and understand the world are incredibly powerful. From the way that your eyes translate light into images, to the smells which send you back in time to memories you’d thought you’d forgotten. You rely on these elements to carry you through life, giving you the chance to interface with the world on an incredible level. Of course, though, your senses can also work against you. When you’re not comfortable with the way that you smell, it will be very hard to be confident, and this is a shame, as it doesn’t have to be this way.

Taming this part of life is often a simple matter of altering your routine to meet the new requirements you set for yourself. Whether you’re worried about body odour or smelling like chemicals, there are loads of ways to scent your body without having to make it overwhelming. To help you out, you can find some of the different ways to make yourself more confident with your musk below.

The Right Research: This process will all begin with a little bit of research. By tackling this early, you will make it a lot easier to buy the right products the first time, saving money and making it almost impossible to let things go to waste. There are several parts to this, and you can find them all detailed below, but it’s also worth doing some of your own research to make sure that you’re following the right path.



  • Medical: There are loads of medical conditions out there which have the ability to alter the way you smell. From the simple causes of bad breath found on sites like, to bigger issues, like infections or cysts, it’s important to make sure that you get issues like these treated as soon as possible. There’s nothing worse than having your confidence knocked over something you couldn’t control.




  • Chemical: Some people are sweatier, produce more oils, and get generally dirtier than others. For this reason, the chemicals you use to clean yourself could be the culprit, as the may not be providing the luxury scent you need. Companies like Lush have taken the market by storm, with their naturally inspired products offering smells which don’t  rely on heavy chemicals to do their job for them.




  • Routine: As the last change to consider, not a lot of people realize quite how much their routine can impact the way they smell. Showering before you go to bed, for example, will leave most people less fresh than having one in the morning. Altering this part of your life could be very hard. Most people don’t like to change habits once they’ve been established, but it will be worth it if it makes you feel more confident.



The Impact On Confidence: Smell is often a very odd thing. For some people, the way you smell will be unnoticable, and they won’t mind if you have a bit of a pong when you haven’t had a chance to shower. Others, though, will be much more keyed into this. In reality, you will be the one with the most insight into the way that you smell, as you have the most exposure to your body. This can make it impossible to be confident if you feel like you’re smelly, even if other people are completely oblivious to it.

Your Everyday Carry: There’s nothing worse than dressing nice, getting made up, and going out for an event or a night on the town to find that you can smell yourself. In this situation, going home isn’t an option, and you need to find a way to overcome the issue you’ve found. Achieving this should be a simple matter of accessing the smellies which you carry with you. Perfume and aftershaves are often the best tool for this, as they can be applied in private without impacting the size of your bag. Even having something like this in your purse can be enough to give you a small boost.

With all of this in mind, it should start to get a lot easier to control the way that you smell, even when you’re out and about. No one likes the idea of smelling bad, regardless of their background or financial status. Thankfully, though, as time moves on, this sort of issue is getting easier to combat, and most people are able to enjoy a life of scent-based confidence wherever they go; it might just take a bit of work along the way.

Naomi Isted
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