Compulsive Buying Leaving You Cluttered?

Compulsively buying clothes and just about anything else that you could wear is nothing new. It’s an epidemic which has been hitting people’s wallets for almost as long as there were shops around, and if you have fallen victim to this in particular, then you have most probably experienced some serious buyer’s remorse sometimes. You got caught up in the moment and just bought something without really thinking about it, probably not the first or the last time, but now you’re stuck with something. Something you’re not entirely too sure about, something you don’t really want to throw away because “It’s kind of nice”, but on the other hand you know that you will never wear it or use it.  What do you do with such an item? How do you free both yourself and your closet of the burden of owning such things? After all, flats aren’t cheap nowadays, and every bit of space you can salvage is probably worth it. So without any further ado, let’s look at some ways in which you could get rid of your regretful purchases, with some potentially positive outcomes.

The act of kindness

Simply, give it away. Perhaps you have some friends who would very much like whatever you have lying around. Maybe someone in your family could use some new clothes, or maybe your friend’s friends. If all else fails and there is no one who seems to want your things, look for a local charity shop and donate them there. They are sure to always be happy to receive donations, and you can even sleep easy knowing that a chunk of the money from them will be going to a good cause. 

Sell your jewellery

If you have some jewellery lying around that you are no longer particularly fond of, regardless of the reason, selling it should not be much of an issue, as long as it is in good condition. If you happen to possess something from the “top shelf”, for example anything with diamonds, then your best bet is to consult a specialist first, and get them appraised. You can get some proper advice either for free, or for not much money, then it’s you should find a reliable and trusted retailer to deal with, How do you know who is trustworthy and reputable? Well, you can check out reviews on websites such as this one and get a better picture of some retailers that catch your eye.

Sell your clothes

If you don’t feel like you can allow yourself to be overly generous and you actually need to make some money back from the previous spontaneous expenditure, then worry not, because there are several ways of selling your clothes. If you feel like you are fine with walking around with a bag full of clothes and selling them to a shop, then that’s always an option. There are second-hand shops which buy clothes, you probably won’t make an insane amount of money on them or anything, but they’re better than nothing.

Of course, you could always sell your clothes online. There is a plethora of sites which deal with either buying your clothes to then sell them, or just selling through them to someone else. Other than the standard eBay, Yahoo auctions and etsy, there are sites dedicated to clothes such as Poshmark which should not be ignored if you are looking to sell something quickly.


Naomi Isted
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