Clothing Staples Your Daughter Needs to Survive the Winter in Style

your daughter

It’s that time of the year where you’re beginning to swap out your summer clothes for your winter clothes. Your favorite flip flops will be of no use in the winter, so you will have to find alternative clothing options for you and your kids.

This actually isn’t such a daunting task, especially for your tween daughter. There are just as many winter clothing options as there is summer options… and they’re just as cute, if not cuter! With girls, you really get to play around with different options in clothing.

You can dress your daughter in furs and leathers mixed with tall boots and short boots… the options are endless, you just have to know her personal style.

The weather will indeed be much colder in the winter months, but that doesn’t mean that your daughter still can’t be cute. She’s at an age where she’s coming into her own, and she the winter months are the perfect time for her to express her unique fashion sense. Be sure she has these winter staples in her closet this year.

Faux Fur Coat

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but a fur coat is more delightful. Having a faux fur coat in your daughter’s repertoire of clothing is definitely an essential for the winter months. These coats definitely pack the heat needed to keep her warm, and it gives the look of real fur, without the real fur price.

These fancy coats look great with any article of clothing. Your tween can wear her coat with formal wear and look elegant as ever, or she can turn up the style and wear it with her skinny jeans and boots. There’s really no look that this coat won’t compliment, so having it as a staple in her closet is a necessity.

Scarves, Scarves, and More Scarves

You can’t let your daughter walk out the house without wearing a cute scarf. Scarves serve two purposes, and that is to keep your neck warm, and to enhance your outfit. This is the perfect accessory for your daughter. It’s the finishing touch to make her outfit complete.

Nowadays, scarves come in all kinds of different colors, patterns, and designs to match her personality. They also have scarves that can be worn in all kinds of different ways. Scarves can get a little complicated, (some of them even come with an instruction sheet), but once you’ve figured out how they can be worn, they really complete her overall look!


Boots are absolute closet essentials tosurvive the winter months. They’re a style of shoe totally different from summer shoes. Boots are made of various materials for protection from the harsh winter air.

Fur boots are a popular type of boot amongst tweens. They’re cute, but they also keep your daughter’s feet warm. She can wear them with jeans, and even with certain types of dresses. These boots come short or tall, so it’s really up to you and your daughter on which ones will work best, but whether short or tall, fur boots should definitely be in her closet.

There’s also the leather boot. You typically see leather boots in brown or black, so it’s best to get a pair in both colors, that way she’ll be able to match her boots according to her outfit. Leather boots also come with a heel or no heel. You can get her boots with the heel for dressier occasions.

Bundle Up!

So when you think about it, cold weather really isn’t that bad… it gives you an excuse to go shopping! With the fur coats, scarves, and boots, your daughter will be able to survive these winter months, and look fabulous doing it!




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