Clothes Show: Weird, Wacky, OTT Moments In Fashion!


Clothes Show: Weird, Wacky, OTT Moments In Fashion!


Fashion isn’t known for playing by the rules or playing it safe, so it seems that the more wild, unpredictable and out of the box the clothes coming down the catwalks are, the louder the applause from the front row is. Trends come and go, what was once old is brand new again, and we’re continually shocked and amazed by what some designers, models, and even celebrities decide to wear.

Good Enough To Eat

Who could forget the moment where Lady Gaga appeared at the 2010 MTV video music awards in a dress made out of raw beef! There was a, pardon the pun, feeding frenzy as the press desperately tried to capture images of her in the meat dress. While animal rights campaigners, such as PETA condemned her for doing so others applauded her shocking statement and couldn’t understand, again sorry; the beef others had with it. Speculation was rife about why Lady GaGa did it. Finally, she said it was a political statement and done in response to the US military’s ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy. GaGa said that she felt it was important to stand up for what she believed in and fight otherwise she was little more than the meat on her bones. Since then food based clothing has gone viral with designers looking to push the envelope, and get noticed, with garments made out of chocolate, crisps, and honey as well skirts made from bread and cupcakes!

Spray Paint Clothing

Spray, or body paint certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted as while the paint will keep you decent it also definitely reveals more of your figure than you might like. To begin with, unless you want to go things to go horribly wrong you should look for a professional body painter; these are experienced artists who are used to working with what they call ‘living canvases’ and who’ll make sure that the clothes look as realistic as possible. According to those who’ve been body painted it’s hard to overcome the fact that you aren’t wearing any clothes but, at the same time, it does give you a strange sense of empowerment. In one experiment, very few people could tell that the boyfriend jeans and white t-shirt that the woman was wearing wasn’t real but once they were let in on the secret they could see clear differences between actual clothing and the paint.

Wearable Technology

We’ve all been there; we’re out at a party and busy taking pictures until our phone battery goes dead and then that’s the end of that. However, fashion designers are hoping to change things, and that soon that running out of juice will no longer be a problem for anyone. Recently, more designers than ever have been experimenting with wearable technology. How much fun would wearing a light-up led skirt be? Customizing your jacket with personal messages and pictures? Or donning dresses that have thermal pads sewn into the lining to keep you toasty warm on nights out? While wearable technology is currently being trialed, we’re still a few years off being able to charge your phone in your front pocket while checking the train times on your sleeve!

Naomi Isted
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