Classic Items For Every Winter Wardrobe

Classic Items For Every Winter Wardrobe


No matter where you live, there’s always going to be a bit of a change in your clothing between summer and winter, or maybe you’ve just moved to a place with a slighter colder climate than what you’re used to.

I have to admit, I’m not the best at dressing myself for winter – I’m a stubborn summer baby, which means that even though I live in a part of the world that experiences less than friendly winters, I still find it difficult to let go of the summer that I look forward to so much each year and really try to get the most out of my lighter attire, almost in the hopes that if I keep dressing that way, I’ll somehow change the weather.

Wishful thinking at its finest, I know.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet worked, and I doubt that it will, so as much I was reluctant, I had to accept the fact that in winter I just have to wear winter clothes.

As it turns out, it’s not quite as bad as I had expected, and there are some pretty nice things to wear in winter.

A good jacket: these ones were probably always the toughest for me, because I really don’t like to wear heavy jackets due to not liking the feeling of being all wrapped up and closed in. I also found it difficult to find a jacket that was, both comfortable and looked good while keeping me warm. There definitely are many options out there, but I’d recommend having two good winter jackets – one that’s more casual for during the day, and one that’s more dressy, and although they’re always available in beautiful colors and designs, I try to stick with neutral because this allows me to wear them with various outfits, depending on where I’m going.

Shoes: most women love an excuse to buy shoes, and winter is really no exception to that. Although there’s going to be less in the way of heels and other similar designs, it’s also not the case that winter shoes mean boring shoes. There are plenty of lovely winter boots that will perfectly set off a beautiful winter look for any time of day. The thing to keep in mind with shoes, is really the conditions of where you live and try to work around that. If you live in a place with a lot of snow and ice, then getting shoes with good grips and maybe saving the heels for another time of year is probably the best idea.

Jumpers: winter jumpers do get something of a bad reputation, but don’t worry so much: I’m not suggesting you start going out in a reindeer jumper that some distant relative made for you. There are some gorgeous wool jumpers, accessories, and even t-shirts out there that look and feel amazing when worn. For example, many women have bought merino wool t-shirt at Merino Snug among others for this winter season.

Accessories: no winter look would be complete without a nice matching accessory set of hat, scarf and gloves, so you can now go shopping for your new winter wardrobe without worrying that you’ll have to settle for boring looking stuff.

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