Christmas Gift Guide For Men


It’s finally that time of year again and we couldn’t be more excited! The festive cheer is infectious and we are looking forward to all the parties and food we’ll be eating. However one of the things that can make Christmas an occasional nightmare is trying to figure out what to buy for all the people in your life. Fear not as we have put together a Christmas Gift Guide to help ease the stress.

First up it’s the turn of the men, who may be notoriously difficult to shop for, but we think we’ve got some great suggestions for you to choose from. Whether it be your partner, son or dad we’ve got ideas for them all, happy shopping!


Playstation 4 

Technology is man’s best friend these days so why not get him one of the most popular game consoles around at the moment? He’ll be more than pleased to spend his time playing with his new toy plus you can get games to play together and with the whole family.

Personalised Burberry Scarf  christmas-gift-guide

Personalised gifts are always received well. Combine that with the lxury of Burberry and it couldn’t get any better. You can pick from dozens of different colours and stripe combinations so there will be no other Burberry scarf like it in the world.

Experience Days

Men like to be practical, most of the time anyway, so why not invest in a day at a race track or a sky diving package? Perfect for the thrill seeking adventurer in your life

Concert Tickets 

You can’t go wrong with concert or gig tickets. It gives them something to look forward to after Christmas and the chance to create some long-lasting memories.

 Grooming Kits christmas-gift-guide
With men taking a lot more interest in taking care of themselves this is a failsafe. You can buy regular ones or for the bearded bloke in your life a specific kit to care for his beard. Trust us there is a whole art to beard upkeep.


No man should be without a watch – it’s an absolute essential. It up’s his style game and is the perfect last touch to any outfit, casual or professional. We suggest  great watches like this Emporio Armani one!







You didn’t think we’d forget about stocking fillers did you? We suggest chocolate, of the festive variety, cufflinks or perhaps the latest album of his favourite artist!







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