Choosing Your Interior Doors


Choosing the doors for the interior of your home is something you might neglect when decorating the place. The doors we have on the inside of our homes can actually make a big difference to the overall look of the place. Here are some tips or follow if you are choosing your interior doors this year.


If you have a small home and you want to bring more light and more space into your home, the best type of door to bring into your space is a glazed one. You can see different doors if you click here, and you will see how many amazing glazing options there are to choose from. A white door with a glazed upper panel can be a wonderful addition to your home and it can give it much more space.

A pocket door

Everyone these days likes the idea of living in a completely open plan home. It is a wonderful idea to be able to cook and eat and relax in the same room, and we all feel closer to each other if we can speak when doing different things in the house. If you want to bring some sort of door into the space but you don’t want to take up a huge amount of room, you can install a pocket door which you can slide closed when you want to separate the two rooms. For the rest of the time, you can have them open.

Metal frames

You don’t need to own a fancy house to add an air of luxury into the space. One way to bring an air of class to your home is by bringing in a door surrounded by a metal frame. A silver or gold frame can look amazing in your home and it will make the place feel much more expensive than it is. Everyone will comment on the doors because they aren’t as common as wooden ones.

Add space with a mirror

There are so many different types of interior door you can bring into your home, and one of the ones you might not have thought about is a mirrored door. Mirrored doors are a great way to bring practicality into the space as well as making the home feel bright and spacious. If you have a small home to work with, mirrored doors could be just what you need to make the home feel big and fresh.

A secret door

If you love a bit of fun in your home and fancy making your guests find the door to the next room of the house, you can create a door which is hidden within the wall. An ideal way to conceal this would be a paint a giant mural on the wall including the door, and then let your guests try to find where the opening is. It can be fun and will also be an amazing design texture for your home. Have some fun with your home and make it into a maze for everyone who visits!

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