Choosing What to Wear for a Bachelorette Party

Choosing What to Wear for a Bachelorette Party

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Bachelorette parties are a long standing tradition filled with plenty of celebrations, memories which you’ll never forget, and legendary stories in the making. Of course, one of the biggest things about attending a bachelorette party is making sure that you shop for the right party dresses. Whether it’s a small close-knit party, a huge event or a weekend away packed with a range of different activities, it’s always important to look your best as a bride or bridesmaid to be. We’ve put together some great ideas to make sure that you’re nowhere near short on wardrobe ideas, no matter what the bachelorette party plans consist of.

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Party Weekend

If the bachelorette party you’re attending is full of plans for a big party, you can really go to town when it comes to your outfit. If you’re expecting to be spending the night celebrating in bars and clubs or even seeing a male strippers show from, it’s time to find an elegant yet fun party dress. When it comes to party dresses you have no end of different option to choose from, whether you want to play it safe with the classic little black dress or wear something with an unusual, eye-catching pattern. Pair with heels and a clutch, and you’re good to go! If you’re partying during the colder months, a jacket or wrap is essential.

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Weekend Away

If you’re going to spend a weekend away for your bachelorette party celebrations, there’s a lot more to shop for than simply a party night. Beach weekends are becoming more and more popular destinations for bachelorette weekends – and why not, after all there isn’t much better than sipping cocktails in the sun! Make sure that you’re prepared with swimwear – high necked bikinis and cut-out one-pieces are really in right now – and take both day dresses and party dresses to ensure that you’re prepared for every activity.

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Activity Packed

If your bride wants a bachelorette weekend that’s a little bit different than just the standard partying, you might have to prepare for a range of different possibilities. There are plenty of ideas for bachelorette parties which are a little different from the norm, for example doing a sky dive, zip lining, or even a fun-filled visit to a water park. Obstacle courses or paintballing are also great choices for bachelorette parties as even though they’re not the ‘girliest’ choice, they’re lots of fun and provide a great opportunity for you all to bond as friends. If you’re taking part in an activity such as these, you’ll be glad to know that the dress code is a little more relaxed. However, there’s probably going to be a party at some point so don’t forget to make sure that you have your dress ready.

Bachelorette parties come in all different types, from sipping champagne in a classy bar to trawling through mud at an obstacle course. No matter what the bride in you case has chosen for her big weekend, knowing what to wear and picking an outfit is all part of the fun!

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