Chill! Beat Your Stress In These Intelligent Ways

beat stress

Stress is something that is common to all humans, no matter how much money they have, where they come from, or what they believe in. In fact, it starts as an automatic fight or flight bodily reaction that we have little control over. What we do have power over, however, is how we react to it when it does occur, a topic you can read more about in the post below.


It is so surprising how many people tense up and forget to breathe properly when they are stressed. Unfortunately, as we need oxygen to function not getting enough air, or breathing too fast and shallow, something is known as hyperventilation, isn’t good for our mood at all. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that we can reverse this trend.

If you are drowning in stress, look at how you are breathing.

One is to practice the art of Pranayama, or conscious breathing. To do this, you can teach yourself the method as suggested here, or used a guided audio track.

It’s is basically about elongating the inhaling and exhaling breaths and giving your nervous system get the chance to calm down. Something that has been found to be very helpful for those that suffer from both stress and anxiety.


Stress eating or comfort eating is obviously a big no-no. After all, it can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food, binges, and unwanted weight gain, but that doesn’t mean that the relationship between food and stress is all bad.

In fact, there are some delicious and nutritious foods that you can eat that can help you deal with your stress levels much more effectively.

Turkey, as you can see from this post on dieting tips for stress relief, is an excellent food for this. This is because it’s not only low fat but also contains tryptophan, a building block needed by the body to produce endorphins, the happy hormone. Chocolate is also great too but stay away from the milk kind as that is full of fat and sugar, and go for dark instead.


Sometimes the kindest thing that we can do for ourselves in the moment is something that distracts us from the stress we are feeling. This doesn’t mean totally tuning it out and denying its existence though.

Instead, it’s more about accepting that it is there and that we feel overwhelmed. Then the trick is to consciously direct your attention to something that is enjoyable, healthy and worthwhile instead.

Art and drawing exercises are popular techniques of doing this, especially the method of Zentangle. A style you can find more about at


Something that can make the experience of stress a lot worse, and keep it stuck in our bodies is if we clamp down on it and don’t allow ourselves to feel it at all.

Of course, feeling stress and the bodily and mental experiences that go with that is rarely pleasant. However, there is evidence to suggest that by embracing it as a transitory experience, we can hasten the occurrence, as well as build resilience, so we don’t dread it happening again.


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