Cheap Jewellery Doesn’t Have To Look Cheap

Cheap Jewellery Doesn’t Have To Look Cheap

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Some cheap bling can look tacky. However, there are other affordable items that have the quality and sophistication of a high-end brand. Knowing where to look for the latter can allow you to look glamorous on a budget. Here are just a few items of jewellery that are certain to give you a sense of elegance without breaking the bank.

Leather bracelets

A good quality leather bracelet can be a great earthy alternative to metal whilst still keeping you looking stylish. Some leather bracelets will incorporate touches of gold or silver for that extra edge of elegance. Avoid big brands that are likely to sell such bracelets for hundreds. If you’re willing to shop around online, you can usually find a great bargain on jewellery types. Leather bracelets make a great gift for both men and women – especially black leather, which can also be great as a necklace chain alternative.

Crystal jewellery

Crystal jewellery carries the sparkle of most precious stones whilst costing a fraction of the price. Brands aren’t so much of an obstacle when it comes to crystal – you can often get beautiful crystal necklaces from big names such as Ted Baker and Swarovski for well under a hundred dollars. Glass jewellery can also look very graceful and can be coloured to imitate any gemstone. You may be able to find some markets and independent online jewellers with some great glass jewellery (antique and vintage stores may also sell these for bargain prices). Try to keep simple when it comes to glass and crystal to avoid looking overly blingy.

Ceramic rings

When it comes to buying an inexpensive wedding ring, ceramic rings are a great choice. Ceramic may be known for being brittle, which may make some dubious, but modern processing is actually able to make this material extremely robust. Ceramic also has a very glossy sheen to it, giving it a sense of sophistication equal to most precious metals. However, unlike silver and gold, this material is also hypoallergenic. You can also get other jewellery types in ceramic.

Knot bracelets

You can spend half a grand on a Celine knot bracelet – or you can buy a Megan bracelet for twenty dollars. Given knot bracelets are such a simple design, you really shouldn’t be shelling out hundreds on them. And yet they bring a sense of riches to the wearer that you could easily see being worn in combination with a camel coat, black turtleneck and loafers. Find a style you like and compare prices online.

Chandelier earrings

Get your head around this – a pair of Louis Vuitton Wish Bone Earrings costs roughly $800. A Kate Spade New York Set, centred around a similar chandelier deisgn, costs $128. There are even some chandelier earrings available on sites such as Etsy for less than one hundred dollars. These earrings are certain to make you look like a model straight off the pages of Vogue. Ditch the brands and you could save yourself a lot of money.

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