Changes You Can Make to Your Home That Suit People with Mobility Trouble

Changes You Can Make to Your Home That Suit People with Mobility Trouble

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When you or someone in your family has a problem getting around the home because of a mobility problem, it can be frustrated. No one wants to feel like they’re trapped inside their own home and unable even to get around it. It’s a problem that really needs to be confronted and dealt with if the health problem causing the mobility trouble is long-term.

Make Additions to the Kitchen to Make Cooking Simpler

Many people who struggle to get around their homes still want to be able to do things for themselves. Not wanting to feel like a burden on the rest of the family is a common concern. Even if the family would never view them as a burden, feeling that way can be a big problem. So, making changes that will allow people to cook their own food will help a lot. By adding new mats on the countertops in the kitchen, it will stop things from moving and slipping around. You can also make sure that all essential things are easy to reach rather than high up in cupboards.

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Install Grab Rails Throughout the Home

Grab rails are commonly installed in bathrooms to help people in and out of the bath, and to make using the toilet easier. These are very important. They make life much easier for people who have mobility problems. But there’s no need for them to be confined to the bathroom. Placing them throughout the house can make getting around it much easier, not to mention safer. Falls are very common among people who have mobility problems. So, in any corridors in the house, ensure there are rails that can be held. This will allow them to remain steady and balanced at all times.

Install a Residential Elevator

In homes with two stories or more, it’s vital that there is a simple way for anyone with mobility problems to get up and down. It can be a real challenge to get up and down staircases. There are two possible ways around this problem. First of all, you could install a stairlift that will carry the person to the next level. But this then causes a problem if their wheelchair is left on the floor below. If that’s the case, then it might be a better idea to have a look at residential elevators. These can be fitted in the home, and they’ll be able to take the person whichever level they want to get to.

Ensure Doorways Can Handle Wheelchairs

In some homes, the doorways are not large enough to handle wheelchairs passing through them. This can cause big problems because people then need assistance when getting through doors. It robs them of a little bit more of their independence, and that’s never a good thing. You can ensure that this doesn’t happen by enlarging the doorways if that’s necessary. This can be done by a tradesman if you get into contact with them. It’s usually only necessary to have the doorways widened slightly. Sometimes, it’s enough to make the frames a little slimmer, and then the wheelchair can pass through easily.

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