Naomi is a Style and Travel TV Presenter and Digital Influencer, who is also regularly featured in the press. Within the last few months she has featured in British Vogue, The Telegraph, Evening Standard and Daily Mail.  Naomi works across both traditional media platforms and new media. Naomi has filmed fashion and red carpet segments for the network E and travel for ITV’s Good Morning Britain! Her Klout score for Global influence across print, digital and broadcast is 68 which puts her in the top Global 5%. This year alone Naomi has filmed a travel series with St Lucia Tourism and a fashion Series with Shop Simon on the West Coast of America. She has been an international fashion judge for rising stars of Instagram and Fashion Spokesperson for Barclaycard. Alongside this and filming Red Carpet coverage at International Fashion Show, she has worked with numerous global brands; GK Hair, Palm Springs Tourism, British Airways, Norwegian and powerhouse brands like Lego and Canon. In September she walked for Jayne Pierson at London Fashion Week and hosted best Talk Show category at the Reality TV Awards. Naomi styled the publicity for the highly acclaimed west end musical Dreamgirls and has had fashion/beauty columns in Herald Scotland and the Evening Standard with regular commentary on trends for the Daily Mail.

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