Would A Career Working With Children Suit You


If you are trying to decide on a career path to follow or something you’d like to study, it can be a bit overwhelming. Not only do you have to think about where you can find a path with good employment prospects, but also one where you will find enjoyment and job satisfaction for the long term.

Who Do You Like to Be Around?

A good starting point can be thinking about who you would like to spend your working life around. If you don’t consider yourself a people person, then a career in, for example, retail or hospitality may be exhausting for you, but a job where you get to work on your own projects in an office scenario may be ideal. For someone who likes helping people and would rather be in a face to face situation with others for most of their working time, the opposite would be true. Some people therefore like the idea of working with children.

There are lots of careers where you can do this, from the more obvious like being a teacher or working in pediatric medicine to becoming a child psychologist or social worker. There are plenty of interesting paths you can start with something like a behavioral analysis degree, which you can study online with colleges like the University of Cincinnati. However, before you go ahead and enrol with the University of Cincinnati online and start studying, it is important to be sure that working with children really is right for you.

Not Just for Parents

Some people think that child-related jobs are really only suited to parents, as people who don’t have kids of their own yet, or maybe even don’t actually want their own kids, can’t relate to children and families as well. This is actually not the case at all, and many successful teachers and other professionals who work with kids start their careers long before they have any children, and there are also a lot of people who work in these fields despite not wanting to be parents. The reverse of this, however, is parents who love their own kids but wouldn’t actually like to spend their working days surrounded by lots of them.

Both outlooks are completely valid, so you really need to think about how rewarding you personally would find helping children outside of your family, and how much you enjoy being around kids even when they are not necessarily on their best behavior, rather than your parental status.

Hard Work – Big Rewards

Working with kids can be unpredictable, emotionally draining, and sometimes loud and messy too. It is hard work where you may often feel an overwhelming amount of responsibility. However, as with most challenging jobs, the rewards do make it worthwhile for the right sort of person.


If you think you have a calling towards working with kids, whether it is in social work, medicine, teaching or any other field, then with the right study path you could be en route to an exciting, fascinating and satisfying career.

Naomi Isted
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