Capture Rebound and Play With Springtime Sun


Like a kitten with a ball of wool, you should be playing with this new springtime light in your home. It’s perhaps the best and easiest way to maintain good lighting all throughout the rooms. The days are getting longer and which means you can keep the curtains open for longer. What does this season mean to you? For many, it’s a time for renewal, allowing new doors to open and seeking out those challenges you’ve been putting off. It’s finally a time where you’re home can almost get back to nature. What does this mean for the internals of a home then? Well, the normal sense would be to break out the bright colors and go hell for leather with them! Even with a brave color palette you still need a partner that will make sure to give a fullness to the decor. It’s a bit tragic to see pastel and eclectic shades being drowned out by looming shadows and dark spots around the room. Get the best out of your choices by being a sun god.

Playing tag with the sun

Glass and crystal are the perhaps the best materials to play with light when it comes to accessories and decorative items. So if you please, do away with the heavy clay fruit bowl, and buy yourself a crystal shell bowl. Now you can try to get a design that has a stand, but normally these will be thick. They have to be in order to support the weight, but this means light is more likely to rebound than flow through. Instead, a large open shell bowl that has swirling a petal-shaped design. Due to the nature of it being see-through and the upward swinging shape, light can not only travel through but also be split and swung onto the ceiling and thus bounce back down and spread out over a larger area.

Night but bright

Spring is a time when you just want the days to last forever. When it gets to evening time a cool breeze usually hits the edge of the sunlit day. As the night crawls back in, you get a reminder that you’re not out of the woods just yet. The cold will begin to creep slowly toward you, and it’s about that time you close the windows and close the blinds. Well from Make My Blinds you have the choice of keeping the night bright. With eclectic colors, aluminium Venetian blinds can be that joyful companion in any room. They work just like any other blinds except, they’re made in good stead, and they are rich in color. Just take a look at the options you have in tone and style for these 25mm blinds. Make the proper measurements and then simply put in your exact needs and the product will be made to your specifications. Tired of your bland beige and dull metal grey blinds? Well, this is why pastel colors and chic shades are taking over a wide variety of homes.

Don’t be fooled when you wake up to an early morning springtime. Your home will need to capture and play with sunlight if you want the best pieces in your home to really shine. The dark patches make a home look unkept and raggedy, but with interior pieces that can make you a sun god, you can thrust the light wherever your will casts it.


Naomi Isted
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