Butt Workouts For Women This Winter

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Butt Workouts For Women This Winter – Now that the official countdown to Christmas is here, it is about time we started thinking about getting party ready to show off for everyone at the Christmas bash. If you want to make your booty stand out from the crowd this winter and steal the show, there are a few really easy exercises you can do to make it super perky and ready for the party.

Sumo squats

Sumo squats are a great way to squat further and push your body a little bit farther than a regular squat and it can also help to tone the outer thigh area which is great when you’ll be dancing all night. For this move you will want to spread your feet wider than your shoulders and turn your feet outward ever so slightly. Now squat down as if you were sitting on a chair and try to get as low as you can. This is harder and it will be difficult at first but with practice you’ll be a pro!

Wall sitting

Ahh, the dreaded wall sit. This is one of those exercises which no one really looks forward to and it can be a killer for the thighs and your glutes. For this exercise you simply need a find a wall and squat to so that you are at a right angle with your back against the wall. Now, hold for as long as you can. It will start to burn but this is a super simple and effective exercise to work those glutes and thighs.


Lunges have always been a great option for a butt exercise and you can make the most of lunges by also using a booty band. You can see The pros of using a booty band for this exercise and others but it can be super effective for working your body. For a lunge you need to start standing and then step one leg forward, squatting to a right angle. Simple!

Weighted squats

Weights aren’t just for people who want to build there body you know! Weights can be a huge benefit to the body and they will make your leaner and stronger at the same time as toning your booty. Use the heaviest weights you can safely manage and place this over your shoulders making sure not to put pressure on your neck. Squat down as normal and hold for three breaths before rising up. Try and complete five-ten of these if you can once or twice a week and you will notice a difference.

Donkey kicks

Donkey kicks are super easy to do and they can be a really accessible exercise for you to go while watching TV in the evenings at home. For this exercise all you need to do is get down on all fours making sure your knees are under your hips and elbows are under your shoulders. Now raise one leg and straighten it back, while clenching your tummy and glutes. Try and perform twenty reps on each side a few times a week for the best results.


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