Build-A-Bear Birthday Parties

Build-A-Bear Birthday Parties

So for those of you who have kids that love teddies you will undoubtably know about Build-A-Bear.  Since our daughter was very little probably about 2, she has always been obsessed in anything cuddly and cute. Whether its a puppy or a teddy, real or a toy, it doesn’t matter. We have a pet Shitzu and her bedroom is live a bear exhibition. She’s just turned 8 and her love of cuddly cute things doesn’t seem to have diminished.


As my lifestyle is so manic, juggling life as a mummy to 2 crazy kids and being a freelance TV Presenter and Blogger its mega hard for me to plan ahead, especially when it comes to birthdays. I could have a call for a massive job abroad a week before a party for example so thats when mum life can be a tad tough. For those other mummies out there also juggling freelance life with motherhood, career mums or last-minute mums like me, there is a salvation! Yes and it comes in the form of a cuddly friend.


I cannot deny, I have a little soft spot myself for Build-A-Bear, why? Because its saved me, 3 birthdays out of the 8 my eldest has been on this planet.  The first birthday we took Fleur to Build A Bear was her 4th birthday with her bestie, then cinema and Pizza Express. Then for her 5/6th we took Fleur and 3 friends to Build-A-Bear, then again Pizza Express and a big London Park. Each and every time Fleur and her friends have loved every minute and haven’t worried thats its not a classic big party with entertainers and all that, which would mean lots of planning.. The other bonus with doing birthday treats at Build-A-Bear means presents are also easier because when then get her a few outfits, accessories for her bear etc

So this year  I knew I was going to be in the country and free so last minute we booked an actual Build-A-Bear party. Fleur was beside herself with excitement. It was so easy, in a couple of clicks I had booked and planned her entire party for 15 kids. Wow now thats what I call efficiency, when you can organise a party in less than 10 mins. I got a booking confirmation then text all the mums an invite with the time and place. We didn’t need to organise food as the party is in a store so food isn’t allowed, phew.


We didn’t need to organise party bags because all the kids go home with their own teddybears. But we did decide to put a cupcake in a little party for all Fleur’s friends which literally took no time at all. There’s no planning needed, no carrying food and decorations, no clearing up! Yea this is my type of party!!! But more importantly the kids were all in absolute bliss. The party hosts were incredible with all the kids, so upbeat, kind and fun. They were meticulously organised which again meant I could just watch and enjoy seeing my little one having the best birthday ever.

IMG_6617They had over an hour of fun activities, choosing a bear, playing games, singing etc it was just lovely. Checkout our pics to see all these happy bunnies. The new store in Bluewater is amazing, so open plan and spacious for the kids to roam around. I want to book next years already!! For more info on Build-A-Bear Parties click here.




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