Bucket List Foods Everyone Should Try

Bucket List Foods Everyone Should Try

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If you’re a fan of food, and you love things that make your mouth swoon for more, then you may have a long list of favourite dishes. And you may have an even longer list of those foods you love, but your waistline hates! Still, diet or no, there will always be incredible foods your taste buds have yet to experience. Here is our list of incredible foods that everyone should try at least once in their lives:


One of life’s little luxuries, lobster comes with a hefty price tag. The way it is prepared in some restaurants may put you off sampling this delicacy. After all, seeing your food swimming around half an hour before it’s in your tummy can be less than savoury for some. However, the meat from lobster is something your tongue will adore when it is prepared well. It’s soft and juicy with a hint of sweetness. Delicious stuff that does taste better fresh.


It’s true that caviar can be an acquired taste. However, there is no denying just how sensuous that popping feeling can be when you take a small mouthful from a cracker. There are actually several different kinds of caviar. It is widely considered that Beluga Caviar is the best. This is another expensive delicacy that you’re not going to get every day. But if you do have a chance to sample caviar it is something you shouldn’t avoid!

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This isn’t a delicacy, nor is it expensive. But it’s definitely delicious! It is one of the most popular snacks in Tokyo and with good reason. It is sweet, with a sponge-like texture that doesn’t disappoint. And the red bean paste that forms its centre is yummier than it sounds. They are also more filling than they sound too so they make ideal snacks for the midmorning. When in Japan make sure you try one of these little oval beauties.


Cheese has developed a bad name for itself. It is the source of saturated fat, cholesterol, nightmares and indigestion. But you don’t have to be a hardcore cheese fanatic to enjoy camembert. It is ideally served baked, but you can eat it chilled, smear it on sweet crackers, or even melt it for a wonderful macaroni cheese dish. The taste is sweeter than most other cheeses. But it’s the creamy texture that makes this cheese a winner to break your diet for.

Green Smoothie

There are several quite delicious recipes available for a green smoothie. The principle of each remains the same. They are healthy drinks or even meal replacements that supplement a detox or diet. Apples and grapes sweeten the bitterness of kale, broccoli, and spinach leaves. You can also add nut milk and banana to thicken this concoction. It will leave you feeling quite full so is ideal for breakfast or an afternoon snack before a late dinner.

Everything should be tried once if you want to claim you’ve sampled everything life has to offer. And food should be no exception. Try these bucket list foods and see what you can put on the list for next year.

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