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When I read the article in the Mail Online regarding a BBC Radio DJ’s comments on breastfeeding I was utterly disgusted and devastated that not only would someone in this day and age have such a sickening chauvinistic attitude but that he was brazen enough to share this with his listens.

Quoting the mail online Alex Dyke, 53, said ‘it was ‘unnatural’ and a ‘throwback to the Stone Age’ for women to publicly breastfeed, especially ‘fat chavvy mums with their boobs out’.’

Oh my god is this fool for real. Obviously I’m not going to waste my time sharing the rest of the article covering everything he said but I’m sure you get the gist.

Whether a mother chooses to breast or bottle feed their baby is entirely up to them, whatever is right for the baby and whatever works best for the mother is right. My son is 4 months old, he was born a big baby at 10.1lbs so needs a lot of milk. Personally I’m still breast and bottle feeding, for the non-mothers its known as combination feeding. I do this for two reason, number one he’s a big baby and breastmilk just hasn’t been enough to completely satisfy his appetite, when I’m using bottles I know what he’s getting and how often. Ok and now I’m going to be honest, the second reason may have other breastfeeding mums in uproar but this is my personal truth.. I don’t have the confidence to breastfeed in public. Why? Because there are uneducated idiots like Alex Dyke out there who will blatantly stare at me to make me feel uncomfortable and when I’m feeling uncomfortable Rocco must be able to sense it and he then gets fretful and won’t latch on.

I’ve been in situations where I’m trying to breastfeed in public and I get a rude stare from an elderly couple or some odd pervert is rudely staring at me and this is exactly the moment Rocco senses my tension and goes crazy, I’ve been very close to exposing my full breast plenty of times and that is just not a comfortable moment for me to share with my gorgeous baby.

But that is society that makes me feel like that, my confidence is low after my body has changed after going through pregnancy and birth and to have strangers staring at you is intensifies the pain and insecurities.

Don’t get me wrong on the days I feel confident to do so I will try my best to breastfeed Rocco in public but if its getting to stressful I always have a bottle handy.

What I would like to know is why oh why in this day and age does anyone think they have the right to stare at a breastfeeding mother. Its hard enough adjusting to having a baby, the sleeplessness, the nappies, your body changing obviously coupled with the incredible joy these beautiful bundles bring us don’t we deserve the right to feed our babies out of our home without feeling like society is disapproving?

The breastfeeding debate has always been an subject of much discussion and I hope society will start to evolve as other countries exist to become more positive and supportive to breastfeeding mothers. Also the fact this idiotic BBC Dj had the cheek to call a woman fat is disgusting, whatever a woman’s body shape is we are all different big and small and should never be verbally abused for being ourselves, especially not in motherhood where our body has carried a beautiful child. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing on the planet. Wake up people and realise this. Please share your opinions or comments below.

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