Breaking Stress Down To Size


Breaking Stress Down To Size


Stress can overtake us all at certain times. It’s no surprise, either. Life is stressful! Each day brings its own tasks and worries. We always have to make decisions, which are rarely easy. Yet, for some people, stress never has the chance to overtake. Those people are the envy of us all. They take everything in their stride and don’t even break a sweat while doing so. In fact, they manage with such ease that many of us imagine they don’t face stressful situations at all. Of course, that isn’t the case. None of us live stress-free lives. But, these people have managed to control their stress levels. Or, maybe they aren’t as susceptible to suffering as the rest of us. Whatever their secret, we all want in on the action!

On the other end of the scale, we have the highly stressed. Let’s be honest, most of us would say we fit this category. These are the people who don’t deal at all well with stressful situations. They suffer from stress to such a degree that the smallest stressor can tip them over the edge. Why? Because they already have a world of stress on their shoulders! When you’re already feeling overwhelmed, even a small decision can seem like an enormous strain. These people are drained of energy, get regular headaches, and get ill more often. Because stress breaks down their defences!

As you can see, these groups vary significantly. Of course, some people fall somewhere between the two. But, what are the copers doing that the second group aren’t? We’re going to try and get to the bottom of how you can take yourself from the stressed to the calm group. Nobody should let stress get the better of them, after all.

Personality differences aside, individuals from the two groups approach stress in a very different way. A cool individual takes issues like emergency home maintenance in their stride. Burst pipe? No problem! If the same thing happened to an already stressed individual, they would panic. The calm person will assess the problem and decide the best way to move forward. The stressed person will spend a lot longer worrying about what’s happened. They may even start to think of themselves as a victim. Do you ever say things like, ‘why does this always happen to me’? Thinking yourself as a victim in these situations is only going to feed your stress. These things happen to everyone. It’s your stress that wants you to feel picked apart and hard done by. It wants to keep you in its grip! Not to mention that thinking this way will stop you from solving the problem. And, when an issue is left alone, it gets worse. In the meantime, the calm individual will have contacted a home water damage service and repairs will be underway. The problem will be sorted before it becomes a huge issue!

In an attempt to get closer to the calm person you want to be, it’s important you take steps to change your approach. Ridding yourself of your victimization will go a huge way towards achieving that goal. If you don’t spend time feeling sorry for yourself, you can act with much more haste. Next time something happens, take note of your initial reaction. If you always play the victim game, you know something needs to change. Instead, make a conscious effort to keep the problem in perspective. Acknowledge that it’s one of those things and that it could have happened to anybody. Then, set about making a plan of action.

Planning can make a huge difference to how you approach stress. Nothing works so well at breaking a problem down to size. Plus, knowing how to move forward will allay any anxiety the initial stress caused. Instead of focusing on unhealthy distractions, you can work towards a clear goal. Start with that endpoint. What would the best outcome be? Once you know that, you can fill in the gaps. Getting from A to B isn’t difficult when you know what you want. It may be that you need to call for help, or that you need to take action yourself. Though, be careful about putting too much stress on yourself. Overly stressed people often feel that way because they struggle to ask for help. It’s important to note that helpers can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Something as simple as reaching out to other people could make a huge difference. And, once you’ve done it, you’ll know you can cope better next time around.

When dealing with a situation, time is of the essence. As such, it may not be the best time to practice a new and calmer you. Instead, focus on a more relaxed approach to life in general. Even if it doesn’t seem relevant, it will help. People who find it hard to unwind are more susceptible to stressful situations. So, find out a way to relax. That way, you know you can return to that headspace when the time comes. It may be that you find peace while sitting in front of the television. Or, you could take things even further and start a practice of meditation. This is the ideal calming process. It creates a headspace you can return to whenever you need to calm yourself. Give it a go and see what you think. Meditation is of particular importance for people who struggle with stress and anxiety. It can lead to a complete transformation in thinking!

So, there you have it. Some simple ways to change from stressed to peaceful. Bear in mind that you’ll need to be patient with yourself. This is about a complete shift in your way of thinking. That isn’t going to happen overnight. Even so, it’s a quest worth fighting for. Every time you face a stressful situation, return to these points. Write them down if it helps you remember. Then, get to work on solving the problem without stressing yourself out!

Naomi Isted
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