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Beulah London

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations!

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Have you heard of Beulah London? Well if you haven’t you should do as they have an incredible ethos and vision. The brand is based upon a wish to inspire and empower women. A luxury brand with incredibly beautiful products on offer. So how did the brand come to being, the luxury yet socially aware and supportive brand it is?

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Beulah London was born out of an experience the founders Natasha and Lavinia had in 2010 whilst working in the slums of Delhi, in an aftercare home for women who had been trafficked into the sex trade. It was there that they witnessed the power of employment to transform lives. They experienced first hand the awful effects that modern day slavery imposes on innocent lives. But they also learned how by helping others find opportunities and employment, small acts of kindness can carry a truly significant impact of providing hope for the future. Instantly compelled, the seed was sown to educate others on how they can help break the cycle of poverty for these women. Simultaneously, they were inspired to contribute to something greater than themselves whilst doing something they loved and subsequently Beulah was born. Beulah is a luxury womenswear brand with a social conscious. Every beautiful garment they sell helps them support vulnerable women through employment.

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The Beulah Trust was founded in January 2013, to put their humanitarian mission into action, with a clear goal of supporting projects and initiatives that create sustainable livelihoods for victims of trafficking. The Trust aims to give grants that pay for skill courses giving women who have been victims of sex trafficking and abuse the chance to find work, generate an income, and live a self-sufficient life, free from abuse. The Beulah Trust is the heart of what Beulah London is about and as Beulah London grows, they hope to make a real difference to the lives of women who have been trafficked.

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Natasha and Lavinia’s mission is for BEULAH to become a global lifestyle luxury brand which has a long term, positive impact on society by providing an alternative, sustainable livelihood to victims of human trafficking and educating people of their plight. Here’s just a few pieces from their gorgeous collection.

Find out more about the charity and work they do, click here.

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