Best Office Furniture

Best Office Furniture

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How we work nowadays has really evolved, mainly down to the age of the Internet. Many companies are supporting mothers by letting them work from home and the age of the blogosphere has taken working from home into a whole new dimension. For those of us that work from an office the best way to make it feel more personal is to find little accessories in your style, pictures, mugs, coasters etc. to really decorate your workspace. Companies like have great options for both corporate and home offices.

Personally for me, working from home is fifty percent of my time; alternative my office can be from the back of my car on my iPad or phone or from an airplane or beach. Yes I know, I am very blessed and never take it for granted.

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So how did I decorate my home work space? Well I am obsessed in Black and White colour palettes whether its my home interiors or my wardrobe so I thought I would replicate that in my home office. When we built my office it was a blank canvas as we had extended on the side of our home to give me a better creative space from home. We had full length glass aluminium doors fitted so lots of light and from the stage of building to decorating I started a mood board. I wanted minimalism but with texture. I searched pinterest for inspiration and created my fab moodboard. I opted for white/black and grey high gloss furniture with accessories with texture to give warmth to my space. So the final design was white walls with black shelves and black and white prints. Grey wooden flooring teams perfectly with my high gloss white desk and very unassuming filing cabinet. However for warmth I opted for a luxurious large black velvet chair, a feather lamp and lots of black and white cushions.

So if you also are looking to create your perfect work space with the best office furniture for you think of starting with a moodboard, pinterest is great for inspo and you can search the internet for items you would like in your space. We spend so long working what better way than to enjoy your time at work but through the furniture and accessories you can make it your own special space.

Love Naomi x

Naomi Isted
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