Being A Bridesmaid For The First Time: 4 Pieces Of Advice You Need

Being A Bridesmaid For The First Time: 4 Pieces Of Advice You Need

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When you get asked to be a bridesmaid, it can fill a lot of girls with excitement. But if you have ever seen the flick ‘Bridesmaids’, you will know about the challenges you might face during the planning. After all, your mate turn from an angel to a bridezilla during the months of planning. And you will have to pick up the pieces if things go wrong! However, there are some rewarding times too. Here are four pieces of advice you need if you are a bridesmaid for the first time!

Don’t just presume your partner is invited

Your top priority when you are a bridesmaid is the bride. You need to make sure you are there for her during the day. And it means your needs have to go second during the wedding. Therefore, with this in mind, the bride might not invite your other half. After all, they might have to sit alone at the church, and if you are on the head table, they will have to sit with strangers for the wedding breakfast. Therefore, be prepared for the invite to be just for you. If you are unsure, ask the bride if your partner is invited. For his sake, you might just want him there for the reception when the bride is occupied, and you can boogie the night away with your loved one!

Ask her the deal about the dress straight away

Although most brides pay for their bridesmaid’s dress, it’s not always the case. If they have a small budget, they might not have the funds to buy a dress for you. Therefore, ask them straight away who’s paying, so that you can start saving if you have to pay out for a dress. At least if you have to buy your own dress, you can have more of a say on what it’s like. After all, there are some lovely bridesmaid dresses around; you can click here for some ideas. And if it’s in autumn or winter, make sure you check with the bride if you can buy a cover up. Otherwise, you are going to freeze during the wedding!

Decide who’s going to organize the hen

It’s best to talk to the other bridesmaids at the start about who is planning the hen do. After all, you don’t want to find out at last minute that you are meant to be sorting out the bachelorette. And remember to ask the bride for a list of people she wants to invite. And you need ideas of activities she wouldn’t mind doing. It will help you to organize something that she will enjoy!

Remember to buy her a special gift

Unfortunately, as a bridesmaid, you are going to spend a fortune on the wedding. Everything from getting your hair done to accommodation at the venue can cost a small fortune. And one thing that you need to make sure you fork out for is the wedding gift. After all, she has honored you with the role of being a bridesmaid. So you need to make sure you show the happy couple your gratitude by getting them a great gift.

And remember to keep your opinions to yourself when you are a bridesmaid. You might hate her wedding dress, but if she loves it, it’s best to keep quiet!

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