Beautiful Budget Kitchen Ideas That Don’t Cost The Earth!

Beautiful Budget Kitchen Ideas That Don’t Cost The Earth!

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Ever casually flicked through an interior design magazine? Seen gorgeous images of impeccably designed kitchens, each more inviting than the last until you catch a glimpse of the small print and your heart slowly sinks? Yes, kitchens are very expensive but surprisingly there are ways you can liven up your existing one without tearing out woodwork, buying appliances or knocking through into the living room. By purchasing a few key items, you can totally revamp the space making it feel fresh, bright and new again!

Repaint Your Cabinets

Everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint so give your cabinets a makeover and spruce them up. Choose a light, airy and non streak paint that works well on wood in a color that matches, or clashes brilliantly with, your existing walls. Prepare cabinets by removing all knobs and handles; you don’t want to get paint on them and make sure they’re all empty before you start work. If your walls are cream, or yellow why not go for a duck egg blue? Pale peach? Or cappuccino brown?

Buy Shiny New Worktops

You may not be able to afford a complete refit so buying new worktops is probably the next best thing. Throw out work surfaces that are scratched, cracked and dirty or always seem greasy no matter how much you clean them and buy yourself some stone, granite or even laminate counters. Make sure that the design you’ve picked fits your kitchen, cutting down costs extra, but if you do have more cash at your disposal then you could ask for a two-tier worktop, ideal for getting kids interested in cooking.

Refresh That Sink

Updating your sink, or draining board will instantly give your kitchen a whole new look. Choose from modern, square sinks in white enamel, gleaming stainless steel sinks, and bowls or statement copper rectangles. Think about the size and shape of your sink as well as how many dishes you use during a typical day; that’ll give an indication as to if you need a wider draining board. You can even get those with single use taps, have boiling water pumps installed or eco-friendly water saver sinks.

Think Coloured Cushions

Using modern prints, exotic colours and in-your-face patterns is the best way to mix up a dull, boring kitchen. Cushion covers are very easy to make, or you can by cheap reversible ones with hidden zips. Look for kitchen curtains that are fun, interesting and exciting. Create a kitchen centrepiece by using a bright patterned tablecloth, grab a large cut crystal or glass vase and pop a bunch of merry yellow sunflowers in them.

Create A Feature Wall

Heat or steam resistant wallpaper is a fabulous way of brightening up, or adding some much needed texture to a plain room. Feature walls are a design classic and instantly draw the eye to that area of the room. Look at the size and shape of your kitchen and think about which style of wallpaper is right for you, as smaller spaces look better with intricate designs while larger rooms need big, bold standout prints so the wall doesn’t feel lost among the rest of the decor.

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