Beach Life: Why You Should Be Doing It

Beach Life: Why You Should Be Doing It


If you are currently looking out of the window and all you can see is grey skies and rain, along with freezing temperatures, we can guarantee you are daydreaming about sunnier climes. Being stuck in a town or city inland, with barely any decent scenery besides the bakery on the corner and the hardware shop across the road can be nothing short of depressing. Oceanside living doesn’t have to be a mere daydream, however, and if you are contemplating a big move to a far away, warm land, you should look into why you and your family would be better off living by the beach

It’s an age-old wisdom, that being by the sea is good for your health. It not only makes your skin feel clean and great but the dose of vitamin D that you get from the sunshine itself is a mood lifter. It’s actually one of those wise tales that is true. Sometimes, depending on what country you are in, the beach is seen as the place you go to escape city and town life and visit for a day trip. Ice cream, an aquarium and a plastic tray of fish and chips while dodging seagulls is absolutely not what we mean by beach life. We mean waking up to warm rays of sunshine all year round. We mean being a commute away from a town so you can continue your job. We mean afternoons and evenings of fresh, salty air and walks along the sand at night time. With the combination of warm weather, better sunlight and the openness of the ocean, you can pretty much guarantee happiness.

It’s a well-known fact of life that being somewhere warmer encourages you to be more physical in your day to day life. It’s so much easier to take the kids to the park when it’s not in the minus figures in temperature. Life can be very stagnant if you are stuck indoors due to the cold and that can really depress you as well. A lot of outdoor opportunities are available to beach-lovers, with in-ocean experiences that you may not have come across before and the promise of great beachside food can be a huge draw. Companies such as Marshall White Real Estate, Melbourne are those that advertise rentals and homes for sale close by to seaside areas. These are the estate agents that you should be looking into to be able to start setting up your new life by the sea.

The sunshine makes people happier and therefore friendlier so there is a real community feel when it comes to moving to the beach. You don’t have to wish for beach-side living for your family, you can make it happen it just takes some work and a lot of research. For kids, being by the sea is fantastic for their wellbeing and fitness levels and the sea has a way of tiring you out after a long day. Snooze while listening to the lap of the waves? Yes please!

Naomi Isted
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