Be The Ultimate Maid Of Honour With These Helpful Tips

maid of honour

Being chosen as the maid of honour is an ultimate role and feeling when it’s your best friend’s wedding. It’s you, who’s chosen to accompany the bride-to-be to all her dress fittings, cake tastings, decor meetings and much more. It’s not an easy job at all, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and if you want to leave a mark and be the ultimate maid of honour, then here are some tips for your new job.


  1. I’ll be there for you’

It’s time to make the theme song of Friends, your daily mantra. Till the end of the wedding, you have to make sure you are there for your bride friend at all times. Whether she needs a shoulder to cry on, just a midnight rant session, someone to tell her if she has dark circles or that dress doesn’t suit her, you have to be there for all of it. Anywhere, everywhere, anytime, every time, you have to be there for your best friend because she will need you. She’s counting on her maid of honour to help her through the ups and downs of the wedding preparation, so make sure your phone is on loud at all times and don’t forget to check your messages.


  1. Plan the Ultimate Hen Do

Of course this goes without saying that you’ll be incharge of planning the ultimate hen night for the bride-to-be. You can plan a glamorous destination hen party in Marbella, Ibiza or other popular hen do destinations. You can surprise the bride-to-be with five star hotel bookings, city tours, beach parties, hen do activities and throw her the perfect hen do vacation abroad.

If travelling abroad is not a suitable option, then you can throw her a hen do in the same city. Plan a day of shopping, drinking at the bride’s favourite bar and then end it with a dinner at her favourite restaurant. You can also rent a cottage for a couple of days and the hen gang can spend the entire time over there, gossiping, playing hen party games and having a memorable hen weekend.


  1. Lead Team Bride

You will be the point of contact for the bridesmaids and other friends of the bride that would be involved in the wedding preparations and the hen party. You will have to make sure that they acquaint themselves with each other and are comfortable before they begin lending their hands with the wedding preparations. You will have to coordinate with all the bridesmaids for their dresses, accommodations, allot them their duties and other responsibilities.


  1. The Wedding Day

You will have to guide the guests to their seats on the day of the wedding and help them settle down. You will be juggling between the bride’s needs and the guests queries. You will have to help the bride with anything that she needs and get her dressed for the wedding. You will also be checking up on the guests and see if they need anything.

Once the bride is ready and the guests are all settled, you will then walk down the aisle and take your position behind the bride. You will also have to hold her bouquet, the wedding rings and keep yourself from shedding those tears when she says, ‘i do’.


  1. Dance the Night Away

Once the newlyweds have kissed, it’s time for you to put on your dancing shoes and make everyone celebrate your best friend’s wedding on the dance floor. Have a great time with all your friends and make sure you take a moment to hug your best friend. It’s okay if you shed a few tears now.



Being the maid of honour is great fun and challenging as well. So if you’re expecting laughters and cakes, it’s time to change that picture in your head. It’s a lot of work and responsibilities, but don’t worry, in the end there’s only fun, champagne and lots of cake!


Naomi Isted
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