Bathroom Bliss On A Budget

Bathroom Bliss On A Budget

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The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, which means it’s often the most neglected when it comes to updates and upgrades. We all love looking through those magazines that shows beautiful home interiors but they all seem to have huge bathrooms that are kitted out with the latest shower gadgets and knickknacks. Thing is, these bathrooms tend to be huge in size and huge in price tag – making it feel like the luxurious bathrooms are beyond our reach. The good news? They’re not. You can have a stunning bathroom on a budget. The phrase is fake it until you make it and if you haven’t got the cash for designer rainfall showers and claw-footed tubs, then you need to get creative!

Set the budget:

No matter how big or small, you must set your budget. You can hire any number of designers and DIY aficionados to help with your bathroom if you like, but if you haven’t got an idea of what you can spend you won’t go anywhere with it.

Upgrade the shower…kind of:

If you can’t manage ripping out your shower but you want to upgrade it at the same time, think outside the box. Swap your tired shower curtain to a glass shower panel. Smoky panels give a sophisticated look without much of a change, and glass gives you the illusion of space in what is usually a little room. Changing this one detail can make a real difference to the room!

Accessorise, darling:

Luxury bathrooms come with luxury accessories. You know when you buy the supermarket brand food instead of the branded name? This is what you need to do here. You want to get the luxury look without the luxury cost so shop around for what you want, then go and find the same thing – but the DIY store brand instead. This could be anything from lighting accessories to heated towel rails to keep your towels nice and warm. A toasty warm towel after a shower is as luxurious as a heated floor!

Tile tips:

If your bathroom has tiles that go floor to ceiling, you’re already in luck. Sometimes these just need a little spruce up. If yours are plain white, add some stencils to draw the eye. if your tiles only go halfway up the wall, change that to extend it to the ceiling. It’s a little trick that hotel bathrooms do to make their en-suite rooms look that little more luxurious.

Mirror, mirror:

Mirrors do not have to be expensive in the slightest. Mirrored tiles are relatively cheap and can be used on half a wall near the vanity units. This makes for an excellent way to bounce light around the room, making it bright and spacious easily.

Your bathroom bliss can be found with a hot bubble bath and candles, but it’s so much nicer to bathe in the tub when your bathroom looks massive. Achieving that on a budget is nice and easy, you just have to know how!

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