Bad Finances? You’re Not Out Of Options

Bad Finances? You’re Not Out Of Options

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One of the big truths about being in a poor financial situation is that it can often feel like you are cornered. That feeling almost feels real, tangible and physical. If you’re in this situation, you’ll know exactly how that feels as well, and it doesn’t feel great. It can create a lot of stress and anxiety, which isn’t good if we want the situation to be resolved. Those feelings actually work against being productive and getting yourself back on top.

However you feel – these negative feelings and stresses come about because it feels like you have no options. If you’re feeling that way – don’t worry. There are always options for you, even if you do not feel like there are. This is especially true if you’re currently in poor financial health and in a worrying situation regarding the current state of your bank balance and finances.


You might be worrying about paying off a mortgage, or about repaying the equity loan as part of a Government scheme. This isn’t a hopeless situation in the slightest, though. You will always have options with a mortgage, and there’s always help on offer from people like who can advise you. If you can’t keep up with mortgage payments, phone up the lender as soon as possible and see if you can’t come to a plan that works for you and the lender. Any lender would rather come to a situation that can be repaid over something where they have to pursue a foreclosure which is a long, costly and unfruitful process.  

Negotiation is a great thing and is one of your biggest options if you owe money. if you’re feeling dragged down by the weight of your debts, simply call up your creditors and come to a solution. This might mean interest is frozen, meaning you can actually keep up with your repayments. It might even lower the cost of the debt so it’s manageable and can be repaid. However, if you don’t call up you will be stuck with a chunk of debt that could be a lot more than unmanageable. You won’t know how easy it is to negotiate a debt down until your try. As with a mortgage, any sane creditor would rather something be paid back than nothing at all, which is, of course, a situation that can occur.

Another option is to declare bankruptcy. This is a very extreme option as it will render everything null and void and can ruin your credit rating to the point of oblivion. Bankruptcy is an awfully hard situation to bounce back from. It can be done, but it’s hard and bankruptcy should be avoided unless it’s a worst case scenario. It’s an option though.

You’re never out of options in finance, so don’t get stressed. Identify the best way out of your situation – the one that works best for you and fight your way out of a bad financial situation. Don’t feel cornered, there is always a way out.

Naomi Isted
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